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Sell your own Fitness Guides

We work with influencers and help them release their own guides. We are the best fitness platform and have released over 100 guides with over 50 influencers around the world. Let our experts help you get the best results.

  • Design – We help design your fitness guide to exactly the style you want.
  • Website – We build your own website under your own domain name ready for you to start selling your guide.
  • Payments – All payments are instantly sent to you when people buy your guide.

You are in control of everything and we are your team, doing the work for you.

App for your Followers

We also have an app that your followers can access your guide in. Instead of just sending an e-book via email they can track their workouts, watch videos, make notes, record the amount of weight lifted to have an awesome experience using your guide. People prefer it to a standard e-book and we have seen influencers sell 30x more due to offering an app alongside their guide.

Plus you get to be different then other people selling guides as you are offering an app to your followers included in the price.

Finally, no one can illegally sell and share your guides online which is a big problem on social media currently.

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Why choose us?

We work with influencers across fitness, beauty and fashion.  We believe influencers should be focused on building their own brand and therefore provide the tools for them to start selling content, products and services. This can range from workout guides, clothing, merchandise, how-to videos and anything else you like.

Whats make’s us unique is our platform, as it is built exclusively for influencers and social media. This leads us to getting better results, with higher conversion rates and more sales for you then any other platform.


No 1 Fitness Platform

With more then 100,000 guides sold for over 50 influencers we are the best platform for selling content online


Your own team

We do everything ourselves and you have access to all of our team. From design, photographers, video to learning how to grow your sales


Trusted by top influencers

We are the team behind some of the most engaging influencers on social media such as GraceFitUk, AndreiDeiu, Ryan Casey and more


We get customers for you

We spend our marketing $ to get you customers through ads, events and promotions

What influencers say about us?

I always wanted to sell my plans and with Aflete I was able to do that fast and get the best results. Since Oct 16 I have been making consistent sales! Thanks guys!

Andrei Deiu

Working with Aflete has been amazing - their help on all customer service and back end business has been incredible and I can't imagine selling guides without them!

Grace Fit UK

They helped me launch my t-shirts and plans through my own website. Everything has been amazing and the app is a game changer!!

Brandon Harding

Balancing Med School, Fitness and running a YouTube channel. It would have been impossible to start and manage my business without Aflete.

Mike Diamonds

AFLETE vs Shopify

You might be thinking of setting up a Shopify website? See why we are a thousand times more suited for influencers

What we do?

We offer other services such as your own merchandise, partnership with brands and more

People love us

So easy to use, clear descriptions and videos. I love it! I’m looking forward to going to the gym now, having the app makes me feel so much more confident 🎉💪

Really pushes you to do more and also notifies you if you haven’t trained in a while! Real workout routines by real people! I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting into shape 5*

I purchased the Grace Fit Guide and I use the app to help with all the demonstration videos and tracking progress etc. So easy to use!

Ready to sell your fitness guides and more?