We help influencers build businesses. We provide everything from websites, content creation, mobile apps to manufacturing products. We believe social media influencers have the ability to build their own brands and we are here to help them do that.

Our Recent Projects.


Grace BeverleyFitness and Lifestyle Influencer

700k+ 200k+

We worked with Grace to launch her Grace Fit Guide which is now used by 10,000 girls worldwide.
We built the website, designed the content and provided her followers with an app to track and complete the workouts. We then manufactured her own line of fitness accessories such as Resistance Bands and Barbell Pads. We manage the whole process from design, manufacturing and fulfillment.


Andrei DeiuFitness Influencer


We started working with Andrei when he had around 14,000 followers.
Since then have helped him monetise his brand. We released 4 workout plans, online coaching and content for his Youtube channel. We looked after all the development, content and design.


Talisa TossellSlime Influencer

660k+ 225k+

Talisa came to us with wanting to monetise her brand.
We put a plan in place to first release some digital products and then her own line of Slime Products. We look after the whole process from manufacturing to fulfillment.


Hanna ÖebergFitness and Fashion Influencer

600k+ 100k+

We worked with Hanna to launch her online website and programs.
This included all design, development and content creation. We also designed an e-book for her followers and provided the workouts through our Aflete App.


Jayde PierceFashion Influencer

960k+ 380k+

Jayde came to us with wanting to sell tickets for a makeup masterclass in London.
We built the websites, ticketing and helped her sellout the events in just a few mins.


Brandon HardingFitness Influencer

160k+ 200k+

One of the fastest growing fitness Youtuber's in UK.
We launched the Hardbody brand and focused on clothing and workout plans.

We work with Vloggers, Youtubers and Influencers from Make-Up, Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle.

Our Services.

Websites, Content and Products

We design and build websites through our own AFLETE eCommerce platform. Everything is custom made in your style, branding with a focus on mobile.

We work with you to plan the best type of content or product you can sell. We have launched and sold more than 100,000 items in the last year which gives us unique experience that you can benefit from.

Some examples include Fitness Guides, eBooks, Makeup Masterclasses and courses.

All payments are made instantly to you with live updates and detailed reporting.

We also look after all the customer service for you so you can focus on creating content and growing your own brand.

Provide a free app for your followers

The key difference in how we work as a company is that we are focused in delivering your customers with a great user experience. Therefore we built our own mobile app where your customers can access the content they paid for which means they can use it anywhere, anytime and its super easy to use.

This is included for free and we are constantly updating our app which means more free value for your customers.

We also market your products to our users through emails and notifications to help you sell more.

Manufacture your own line of products

Have you ever thought of selling your own clothing line, make-up or fitness accessories?

We can help you build your own line from the initial designs, manufacturing to fulfillment. We look after the whole process for you:

  • We discuss what you would like and create some initial designs for you.
  • Then we source the materials and colours and provide you with samples. You can then review these and make any alterations till you are happy with the products.
  • We then show you the final products in the different colours and sizes etc.
  • Once agreed the quantity we begin the manufacturing process.
  • We then build your website through AFLETE to sell your products.
  • And finally stock and deliver all products to your customers!

We don’t print t-shirts or make quick merchandise. Each product we make is manufactured just for you.

Powered by AFLETE.

We have built our own eCommerce system which means we can do complete custom work for our clients. From different currencies to combining products and instant bank payments.

Why work with us.

We become your team

We understand the needs of influencers and focus on making sure everything is done as requested by you. You are in charge and we are the team delivering it for you.

Innovative Design

We work with the latest design principles, software and analytics to make each website, product and feature the best it can be.

Instant bank payments and your own sales dashboard

One of our most loved features is that as pay our influencers instantly so no waiting months to receive your funds and you get a dashboard to track all your sales in real time.

Customer support

We provide customer support for all your customers so you can focus on growing your brand whilst we manage all the backend of your business.

People love our products

People love using content designed and developed by us. We can take your ideas and make them into products that people enjoy and use everyday.

Get in touch.

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