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In less than 20 minutes you can start earning money by selling content on your blog or social media.


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Show how great you are by training clients and selling content to people around the world. Connect your social media with Aflete and manage it across web and mobile. Join other trainers and bloggers who are turning their passion into their careers and have the best time doing it.

0% commission and you can sell E-Books, Videos, Recipes or bespoke plans.

People love content from their influencers. You are in charge of your own plans, your name, your branding, we just provide you the tools to start selling. How cool would it be that your followers get your exclusive workouts or recipes directly from you for a price. 🙂


Protein Chef


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One place for you to grow your brand

We make it easier for all your followers to buy content from you so you can turn them into happy customers.

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Simple to set up

Take your fitness business online or monetise your blog in just under 10 mins. Super easy to set up and get going.

No development costs

No need to pay someone to make your website. You don’t need to code or design. All ready made for you.

$0 commissions or rent

It’s your content and your time so the money is your’s too. You can you grow your business as much as you like.

Sell health & fitness content

You can sell Recipes, Workouts, Nutrition Guides from Vegan, Gluten to Circuit training. Don’t worry we got you covered.

Automatic Payments

Aflete pays you automatically through PayPal as soon as someone buys. Fast and secure just the way you like it.

Manage clients

We have made it super easy to manage all your clients. Weekly Checkins, Health Stats and 1-1 Direct Messaging.

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