AFLETE is made for influencers who use social media daily and have built their careers around it. With tons of followers, the next step is to monetise your audience and take your brand to the next level with e-commerce.

We have built a brand new e-commerce platform for influencers. Built by us from scratch it does everything that we wanted to do to be able to support influencers to create and sell their own custom-made products on line.

To launch their own personal brand, selling any digital content or physical product that they want.

We will design and manufacture all of your bespoke products ourselves, in-house.

Every part of your e-commerce service is managed by us, from sales, to payments and delivery.

Our Story

AFLETE was founded in 2014 by Shan Hanif who saw an opportunity to help influencers to build their own brand, back when social media first began to grow in popularity.

Shan’s first concept was a health and fitness social media app where people could share fitness and chat to like-minded individuals. The app topped the app charts and had thousands of users, however, when Instagram exploded onto the scene, number of users declined.

Experience meant that Shan soon spotted a need for influencer e-commerce.

Today, more established influencers need a way to take their channels to the next level. A route to make the move from a self-built influencer to a fully-fledged independent brand. To monetise the potential that established brands seek to use for their own profit, and reap the benefits of the huge amount of time dedicated to content creation.

Knowing they had something special, AFLETE built this themselves.

AFLETE began in October 2016. Since then we have become the leading influencer platform. With hundreds of top influencers as long-time clients, and thousands of transactions a day, our results speak for themselves.

We are only at the beginning of the AFLETE journey, and we are excited to watch our next chapter unfold.

BUT - What about the name?

AFLETE is someone who focuses on their own career over anything else. (Adapted from the urban dictionary here)