Carly Rowena

We helped Carly re-launch her website with improved user experience on mobile. The new website is powered by AFLETE and is ready for new projects that are launching soon.

Grace Beverley

Storewide restock on all products along with the final restock on limited edition resistance bands Camo and Emoji.

This was a big launch after 6 months of planning and manufacturing. First was the launch of GFHG Weeks 1-8 and 9-16 complete in eBook and print eBook along with workouts in the AFLETE App along with new products.

Launch of 2 new resistance bands Peach (hard) and Blue (light) and Ankle Straps. We also released a new website design to make it easier to see all the products available. We also added a new SMS service for delivery for customers.

First restock on the resistance bands. Grace wanted to improve the products and service from the first launch so we created new pouches for the bands and mailing bags.

Danella Munoz

New home guide by Danella. Update to the website and a special discount for the release.

We launched Danella’s online coaching for spring. 100 spots $200 each which were sold out in 24 hours. We made a new feature for her which involved check-in’s, nutrition, workouts and a community.

Danella had been selling through her website before joining us and now wanted to take her business to the next level. We created a new website focused on Instagram and optimised for one click purchases with 4 guides.

Hanna Oeberg

A new workout program for the summer. The biggest launch to date for Hanna.

Hanna had a lot of interest for a home guide so people who follow her can workout at home. We launched her home guide on her website.

After the huge success of the first guide Hanna wanted to release her second guide. This time we filmed all new videos for the guide to improve user experience.

We had known Hanna for some time and she got in touch to launch her own website and guides. We worked on released a full body guide which comes with a PDF with info and all workouts in the Aflete app.

Jayde Pierce

Super excited to launch this project. A new concept in the beauty industry. We teamed up with one of the largest influencers to release her own Makeup Masterclass which included shooting, editing all the content and developing the website with a members area for her followers.

Natacha Océane

Natacha teamed with GB Olympic Nutritionist to release CUT. Training and Nutrition guide. We released an updated website, new videos in the app and a special promotion for MOVE customers for 20% off.

Natacha had grown her Youtube channel to 150K subscribers and now wanted to launch her own website and build her online business. She came to us and we worked on launching her workout guide called Move which was a huge success.

Dylan McKenna

This project was extremely fun and challenging. We manufactured weight lifting belts which are made for powerlifting. We had to make the quality high and price affordable. After 3 samples and months of testing we launched the belts to huge success.

Dylan had built his social media following and an impressive physique which led to thousands of people asking him for his workout programs. We created 3 programs beginner, intermediate and advanced and launched them on his new website we developed for him.

Andrei Deiu

We manufactured 4 products for the first merchandise release. Alongside a brand new website and a workout program.

Ashley Barron

Ashley came to us with some new ideas about her own brand and was looking to sell new guides and merchandise. We launched her new website along with 2 guides for people to buy.

Talisa Tossell

Talisa is the leading slime influencer in the world with close to a 1 Million subscribers on Youtube. We worked with Talisa to launch her own line of Slime Products. Manufactured and fulfilled by us.

Tara Crosley

We launched Tara’s own merchandise. 1 Hoody in pink with Slim Thicc printed on chest and her logo on the left arm. Designed and manufactured in our own factory.

After the huge success of her first workout guide, Tara launched a new guide focused on gaining muscle. We did a brand new website, with new videos for exercises and coupon code for release.

Emily Jane

After the huge success of her first guide Emily had high demand for a home guide as most of her followers are students. We created an 8 week guide complete with pics and videos for all the workouts.

Emily came to us wanting to launch her own website and guide which we helped her design, develop and launch.