Mike Thurston

Mike came to us to take his online coaching to a new level and start selling information products. We created a transformation course which comes with a members area on his website where people can watch over 50 videos and have access to 18 weeks of training.

Kate Taylor

She is one of the fastest growing fitness influencers in the industry and wanted to set up her own business. We put together an eBook for Kate that she helped design, along with utilizing our app for her workout content. As part of the release we did a complete photo and video shoot to get all the content ready.

The Lean Machines

Lean Machines wanted to start selling content online so we helped them setup digital and physical content for their brand on their website. We product and distribute all books for them.

Jessica Olie

Jessica is one of the largest influencers in the Yoga industry. We took over her ecommerce and moved her from Shopify over to Aflete to help her take her business to a new level. Her own line of products is coming soon.

Amanda Hagan

Amanda launched her website and content online with us to take her passion for helping people and turn it into a business.

Bela Fernandez

We started working with Bela when she had 50K followers and now she is close to 500K followers. During this time we worked with her to setup her online business to start monetising her audience. New projects coming soon.

Carly Rowena

We helped Carly re-launch her website, with improved user experience for mobile users. The new website is powered by Aflete with upcoming launches on the way.

Grace Beverley

Store-wide replenishment of all products, including the final restock of limited edition Camo and Emoji resistance bands.

After six months of planning, we launched multiple products for GraceFit, including ebooks, new products and workouts on the Aflete app. All of the products were manufactured in our factory.

We launched three new products for GraceFit: two resistance bands (in different colours and strengths) and ankle straps. We also redesigned the website to improve customer navigation and user experience. Finally, we added a new SMS delivery service to make shipping even more convenient for GraceFit customers.

Increased sales meant that popular products sold out quickly. We utilised the opportunity to improve the user experience further, creating new storage accessories and packaging for products.

Danella Munoz

We launched a new home guide for Danella, which included a website update and a discount promotion for the release.

Danella’s launch of her spring online coaching programme, included 100 places at $200 each, which sold out in 24 hours! The launch included new website features including: check-ins, nutrition, workouts and an online community.

Danella had been selling through her website before joining us, but when she contacted us because she wanted to take her business to a new level.
We created a new website for Danella focused on Instagram and optimised for one click purchases with four guides.

Hanna Oeberg

We delivered Hanna’s biggest launch to date for her new summer workout guide.

After lots of requests for a home guide from her followers (who wanted to follow Hanna at home), we launched Hanna’s home guide on her website. With the home guide available on Hanna’s website it was easy for her followers to do her workouts at home.

After the huge success of the first guide, Hanna came back to us to release a second guide for her. To take the user experience forward for the second guide, we shot new videos for all of Hanna’s workouts.

Having known Hanna for some time, she asked us to launch a website for her followers, which included her workout guides. We released a full body guide complete with an accompanying information PDF and access to Hanna’s workouts on the Aflete app.

Jayde Pierce

We were super excited to launch this innovative project for Jayde, one of the biggest beauty influencers in the business.
Jayde’s trailblazing Makeup Masterclass is a new concept for the beauty industry.
Our release of Jayde’s Makeup Masterclass included a wide range of different types of work for Jayde, from video shoots to content editing and creating the Makeup Masterclass website with a members area for Jayde’s followers.

Natacha Océane

Natacha teamed up with a Team GB Olympic Nutritionist to release CUT Training and Nutrition Guide. We released an updated website, new videos for the app and a special promotion for MOVE customers to get 20% off.

Natacha had grown her Youtube channel to 150k subscribers. She contacted us because she wanted to launch her own website and build her online business.
We focused on using the launch of Natacha’s newest workout guide – Move – to grow her online business. Move proved to be a huge success for Natacha’s business.

Dylan McKenna

This project was extremely fun and challenging. We manufactured Dylan his own weightlifting belts which are made for powerlifting. Our challenge was to create a high-quality product that could be sold at an affordable price.
After three samples and months of testing, we found the perfect mix. Since their launch, Dylans powerlifting belts have been a huge success.

Dylan had built himself an impressive social media following and physique, so he had thousands of requests for his workout programs.
We produced three programs for Dylan: beginner, intermediate and advanced, which we launched on a newly designed website for him.

Andrei Deiu

We manufactured four products for Andrei’s first merchandise release, alongside a brand new website and workout program.

Ashley Barron

Ashley came to us with new ideas about where she wanted to take her own brand, with thoughts about selling guides and merchandise.
We launched a new website for Ashley with two guides for her followers to buy.

Talisa Tossell

Talisa is the world’s leading slime influencer, with over one million Youtube subscribers. We manufactured and launched Talisa’s own line of slime products for her.

Tara Crosley

We manufactured and launched Tara’s first piece for her own branded merchandise. Tara’s pink branded hoodie is emblazoned with a Slim Thicc slogan on the chest and her own logo on the left arm. Tara’s hoodie was designed and manufactured in our own factory.

After the huge success of her own workout guide, Tara launched a new guide focused on gaining muscle. We designed a brand new website for Tara with new videos for exercises and a coupon code for release.

Emily Jane

After the huge success of her first guide, Emily was facing a high demand for a home guide as most of her followers are students. We created an eight week guide complete with pictures and videos for each workout.

Emily asked us to launch her own website and guide. We designed, developed and launched Emily’s website for her.