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What’s Included?

  • Have you been working out but struggling to get results you want? I know how you feel and have decided to release my workout program so you can see how I train and some of my methods to reach your goal.
  • My program included circuit training workouts to help you burn fat and get toned
  • This is an 8 Week Transformation that has 64 unique workouts in total!!!
  • Really excited to work with you and make sure you tag me on Instagram @tara.frost so I can help you along the way!

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“In order to transform your body in a shorter period of time, having a different workout routine each day is essential. We need to keep our bodies in a constant state of shock in order to not plateau.”

Hi my name is Tara Frost.

I am a NASM certified trainer with most experience being within high intensity circuit training. I designed this program for those who are looking to keep their training interesting, to keep everyone’s body guessing. Every single circuit I designed is completely different, focusing on overall body strength and toning,with of course burning all that unwanted stubborn fat.

I can’t wait for you to take this 8 week journey with me. I look forward to seeing you as the best version of yourself.

Now let’s kill it!


“I see myself continuing to grow and hopefully inspiring and helping others along the way.”

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