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“Being comfortable in your own skin is what really makes you beautiful.” ✨

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  • 4 Weeks of detailed workouts – The workouts do not expire you can carry them after 4th week ?
  • 6 Intense workouts each week – I workout 6 days a week, I do recommend you do 5 workouts a week and added 6th workout I have created workout for you guys ??
  • Workouts are – Booty Routine, Upper Body Routine, Abs Routine & Cardio interval training ??
  • Gym based workout – You would need access to gym weights ✅

Hey guys ?

I have created workout plan for you to see how I exactly train. I workout 6 days a week with one rest day, normally on Sunday, I focus on glutes/legs, arms, back and abs. But I allow one day for a whole upper body workout to be able to get my chest and shoulders a moderate workout. I always work glutes/legs twice a week as that’s the part of my body I want to focus on. I work on my abs every day after every workout, as well as a small amount of cardio.

Eating clean is the key to a flat stomach, stick to veggies salad and lean meats. Like chicken turkey and fish. I’m the biggest sweet tooth I know, but I try to stick to a cheat day, Sunday is normally my cheat day where I feed on my favourite snacks, salted caramel pop corn! Yum! ☺️



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What’s Included?


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Track workouts, days, reps, exercises and time

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Access workout plan in one place

$ Dollars 14.99 – AUD 19.99 – GBP £11.99