By ShaeLaShae

 “Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself! Do what makes you happy and do what is going to benefit you despite what others might think!”


-ShaeLaShae 💗



6 Weeks of detailed workouts

4 Intense workouts each week

Instructions on how to do each exercise – sets & reps

Designed by me to see how I train

What’s Included?


Access on Mobile App Anytime


Track workouts, days, reps, exercises and time

Group 2-3

Access Nutrition plan and workout plan in one place


Seeing how far I’ve come motivates me so much. Remembering how I once felt about myself makes me sad, but I’m so grateful that I wanted more for myself and that I didn’t give up no matter what anyone said and despite the doubts I had. To any girl who is feeling discouraged or is lacking confidence and just doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, I promise you it will get better. I know how it feels to be unhappy with who you are and I know how it feels to doubt whether you are capable of doing something or not, but I promise if you can see a goal in your mind you can absolutely accomplish it. Fear and doubt are common emotions when going after your goals, but they are self created emotions that can be removed at any point in time. Decide what you want and don’t accept any other outcome. Be specific about your goals and know that you are capable. Envision your goals constantly and pay no attention to what anyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks. Most importantly though, don’t look at the end result as the key to your happiness. Learn to love each step of the journey and the progress along the way! We’re in this together! I believe in anyone who has a goal no matter what that goal is and no matter where you are starting. You can do it. 💓 (age 15-18)