Raissa Rafaelli

Raissa Rafaelli

“Seja fiel a você mesmo Foco na dieta e nos treinos”

About Me

Since I was a child I practice several sports. I have practised fights (boxing, muay Thay, Brazilian jiu-jitsu), dances (Ballet, Jazz, Streat dance), I have practised surfing, swimming, soccer. I’ve always been passionate about exercising. When I was 11 years old, I went to the gym, where
I started to practice bodybuilding. I entered the gym on the encouragement of my parents, who have always been adept at sports as well.

How I Got Into Fitness

Gradually I was creating a taste for the routine of going to the gym, exercising, talking with the friends I made there. Until a moment arrived, that I could no longer see myself without training.
In addition, I developed a taste for healthy eating habits, which help me a lot in the performance of the training and improve my body composition.
At the age of 19, I decided to become an athlete and participate in my 1st bodybuilding competition. I am an athlete of the Wellness category up to 163m. I chose this category because she values that the woman, besides having a turned body, must be feminine. I have in the curriculum in 2 years of bodybuilding 8 competitions. The most significant achievements for me were the 4th place in the 19-year-old Arnold Classic 2015 and the 2nd place in the 20-year-old Arnold Classic 2016. The Arnold Classic brings together the best athletes in the world and having won those trophies, at a young age, brings me pride.


Today I feel fulfilled in being able to inspire and encourage many people. It is most commendable to know that I encourage people to change their lives, gain self-esteem, feel strong and confident. It is very gratifying to be an example of willpower and determination.


Build Your BOOTY, SCULPT your Legs, Focus on your GLUTES, QUADS and HAMSTRINGS


£ GBP 17.00 / $ USD 20.00 / € EUR 18.00 / BRAZIL 60


  • To build Brazilian booty
  • Workouts are intense so you be burning fat
  • Build strength and improve your endurance levels
  • Reduce cellulite especially behind your legs

Workout Level:

  • This is for anyone who wants to lift weights to build your legs and booty. 
  • This is 1-month challenge for your body to understand how to work on leg exercises
  • The guide is easy to follow to follow


  • This challenge is to be done at the gym

What’s included?

  • 4 Intense workouts a week for 1 month
  • Working on each lower body movements
  • Focusing on Glutes and Legs
  • All 4 workouts are different to do
  • Each workout has how many sets and reps to do

Duration of the plan:

  • 4 week challenge

Tudo que você precisa é a consistência, dedicação e m

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