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Protein Chef

Hi I’m Heather, I am the creator of Protein Chef. I began creating healthy, high protein recipes when I discovered the benefits of a high protein diet. I set up a blog ( and began sharing my recipes on my social media pages – the rest is history!

I am excited to launch my 15 amazing low carb recipes from desserts to dinner ideas, made in my kitchen, quick and simple to follow

I’ve stepped away from my protein roots for this book as I wanted to offer a collection of recipes for those following a low carb dieting approach, When following a low carb, diet food choices can be very limited and often not very tasty. This book will slow you that just because you are reducing your carbs you can still enjoy really delicious food.

Low Carb Made easy is great if you’re cooking for your family as well as yourself as I have created all 15 recipes has video for each recipe, with fussy eaters in mind. when following a diet, the last thing you want to is cook for yourself, then have to cook something entirely different for everyone else. Low Carb Made Easy means you can serve up low carb meals to family and friends and they won’t even realise it’s your ‘diet’ food – I promise.

doughnuts 2-1finished
flat breads 1-1finsihed
strawberry cheesecake 1-1finished
chocolate fudge brownie truffles 1 edited

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