Omar Mansour

“I believe that everyone has an inner athlete waiting to be unlocked! So whether your goal is to become a faster runner, burn fat, tone up or simply strengthen your body I will create the perfect plan for you”.

 Personal Trainer & Nike Running Coaching


Common struggles of training and how a workout plan helps

I understand the struggles that people experience when preparing for a race or wish to take their training to a new level. Where to start? What sessions and exercises to include? What sessions and exercises to leave out? How to structure your training plan in order to not get injured but still progress? How can you use sleep and nutrition to positively effect your training and results?

By having a personalised plan, all of these questions can quickly be answered correctly. Most of all, having an individual plan from a professional coach takes away some of the stress and worry. This allows you to focus on what’s important- GETTING THE TRAINING DONE !

Custom Plan

What’s included?

  • Initial consultation – Gathering of data and history of person- Past/present injuries, nutritional food diary, lifestyle current running level.
  • 12 week personalised training plan.
  • QnA email session – Chance for the client to ask me up to 6 questions about training and running. To be used throughout their training 12 week journey.


  • Confidence that you will achieve your goals in the quickest amount of time possible
  • Lower risk of injury since a personalised plan is catered around both your limitations and strengths
  • Saves time planning and preparing sessions and allows you to focus on your performance during the training sessions

Duration of the Plan

  • 12 week personalised training plan
  • You can message me anytime during there workout plan if you have any questions

How would you receive my custom plan?

  • Once you have purchased my plan, you would receive some questions from me to so I can create you your prefect plan. Within 48 hours you would receive my custom plan by email.

 Working With Clients Closely


 Personal Trainer & Nike Running Coach

My Background Story

I am a running Coach who has a wealth of experience working and training alongside elite athletes. I have competed nationally over middle distances in my teens and went on to study a degree in Sports Science. Soon after university, I became a qualified Personal trainer and UKA qualified Running coach. Along side my studies, I have trained under Great Britain Coaches at the University of St Marys where I developed my skills further both as an athlete and a coach. Today I still do compete at a club level, racing middle-long distance events. Alongside working at MRPT I am a Nike Run Club Coach and I help people of all abilities achieve their running and fitness goals!

Area of Expertise

  • Running Coach
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Sports Performance


  • St Marys University with a BA Honours Degree in Sports Science
  • Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Qualified UKA Running Coaching
  • Ambassador for Nike
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“I have helped many clients to prepare for marathon’s and young footballers who are looking to improve their fitness goals”. 

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I always had the passion in the Fitness Industry

Alongside my passion for running, I have trained in taekwondo, Go Kan Ru and I have also worked as a self-defence teacher. Reason why I enjoy mixed martial arts because of the adrenaline and discipline it has to offer.

As an active ambassador for Nike, I coach weekly training sessions at the Olympic Park in Westfield Stratford and at other Nike events across London.

I believe that, to be successful in any area, one must have the right mind set and I encourages my clients to approach every session positively. I am big believer in the law of attraction and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) using these powerful techniques to help elevate my clients.