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Ultimate Guide To Becoming Shredded and Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Benefits of Using My Guide

Have you always struggled to shift stubborn body fat, get fit or become stronger and look bigger whilst staying lean? This plan will help you do just that, using the knowledge and experience I have gained through years of training I have put together my 12 Week Ultimate Shredding Plan which has been trialled and tested by myself to get me in peak condition for competitions and photo shoots. No more wasting time in the gym, as this plan contains a 12 week structured training plan telling you exactly what to train and how to train on each day.Each exercise is explained in detail with video content to demonstrate the correct form. To be lean and still look BIG, comes down to nutrition. I have designed a detailed 12 week nutrition guide on what type of foods you should eat, how much Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates you need to consume which changes throughout the plan to keep you consistent in your fat loss journey. 

What does my Guide Consist Of

  • I have created a 12 week detailed workout and nutrition plan which includes 6 different workouts and a number of cardio and core workouts a week
  • The plan is structured, hitting all body parts twice a week. The plan has a balanced regime of heavy movements, different isolation movements and focuses on different tempos to target the muscles in different ways.
  • Each exercise explains how to target your sets and reps to full effect working to set tempos which change throughout the plan.
  • A full 12 Week Nutrition plan which lists all the different types of food I eat, how to eat them and correct portion sizes to help you maintain the body you want. 
  • A full nutritional break down of each meal and its macros. It also contains calculated refeed days, pre and post workout nutrition. 
  • A full guide of supplements I take and when the best time to take them.
  • 12 Week Full Nutrtion Plan
  • 12 Week Ultimate Shredding Plan
  • Detailed Workouts
  • Dynamic Exercises
  • Isolation Exercises
  • TUT (Time Under Tension)
  • Videos of all major and complex exercises

This guide is designed to help you to see best results

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About Me


Hey – I’m Omaad

Hey, Im Omaad and i’m here to help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of. There really is no secret, devise a plan, set targets, work hard and I promise you, you will achieve your goals. Its taken me years to build my physique and learn how my body works.

This plan is the beginning of your own transformation, it has all the tools for anyone who lacks the knowledge which takes years gain to get that dream body, giving you an advantage to get in shape and stay in shape.

What do I specialise in? 

I specialise in building quality muscle whilst maintaining a lean physique all year round. My workouts and training methods are a combination of heavy compound lifts, isolation training, TUT (Time Under Tension) including drop sets and super sets which keep the muscles guessing and working to stimulate muscular growth. 

My Experience

I have a number of online clients who have already transformed themselves through my plans and managed to achieve jaw dropping physiques and they all feel happier and confident now in how they look. I have competed with UK, European and International Federations

including UKBFF/IFBB and collaborated with athletes and coaches from across the globe holding workshops and sharing knowledge, tips and experiences with fitness enthusiasts. Im a sponsored athlete for BPI Sports, Workout Empire and PROMiXX and am the Co-Founder

of Mr Prep – A meal prep business providing The Ultimate Gourmet Fitness Food Experience. 

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