Nastassia Ponomarenko



🏋🏼 Bootybuilder, powerlifter and Youtuber❤️

Hey, I am Natassia 🇷🇺🇧🇾

I honestly love lifting and vlogging, I am 17 years student who has been working out for almost two years. If you follow m on my social networks you can see how much of a pancake booty I used to have. I can Squat Pr: 275lbs🍑💪🏼 Sumo Stance Deadlift Pr: 305!! I am always switching up my workout routine, I am always learning new things, I literally know probably 95% of all of the glute isolation workouts that’s out there 🤓


See my transformation picture on the right, the picture on the left I was 15 and only did school sports (bball and track). I did no additional workouts for my body and pretty much ate whatever I wanted. I’ve never did a comparison with the pic on the left because I thought it just looked horrible, but now Idc because it’s the transformation that counts! Picture on the right was taken Feb 2017 after my glute day in underwear that I wore before I started working out to show basically how tight it is on me now. Lots of people come up to me and say that “my progress is slow” or “I just don’t see it working for me” and it’s like…it takes time and proper training! No, the 30 day squat challenges don’t work! No, doing 100 squats a day won’t work either! No, not eating anything will not get you a bigger butt! I’m not gonna go too deep into this topic because April 19th is my actual 2 year workout anniversary that’s coming up which I’ll go into great depth about booty training with. I’ll also be posting another super lit before and after on that day.



For now, just wanted to show you guys that your body is capable of more things than you can imagine if you put your mind and heart to it. And yes, I started off with having a pancake booty 😂🍑


8-12 weeks of workouts per guide

Increased difficulty as you progress through the guide

Reps, sets and rest periods

Workout Split: Legs, Arms&Chest, Booty, Back&Shoulders, Abs&Cardio

Videos of each exercise 

Trackable workouts on the Aflete app including timer & weight tracking