Naomi Rose


I am a personal trainer, diet coach and blogger from London. I have been training for over 5 years and have transformed my body and that of my clients to aid them in achieving their desired physiques. I have a passion for all things fitness and nutrition but also a great love of food! A certified foodie I empathise with the phycological struggles of weight loss and take a holistic approach to ensure my clients are happy and healthy and find their weight loss or in fact gain journeys enjoyable as if it’s fun you never quit. 

I have an arsenal of tricks and tips that I use including recipes that make dieting a doddle by bringing chocolate and cake back on the menu (yay!) and exercise routines that are fast effective and fun. I am available for in home personal training sessions in London and Essex and create custom training and nutrition plans as well.

“Motivation is not always there, just start and the momentum will get you through. Do the thing and you will get the power to do the thing!”




How to get skinny your waist smaller and curveous sculpted hips

About my workouts in my guide

  • The key steps to get  a smaller waist including a variety of intense core routines to shed fat and reveal your waist
  • Getting a bigger booty doesn’t have to mean putting on fat or getting a bigger belly, using different  lower body movements you can target that derriere whilst blasting that fat!
  • I have combined exercises meaning that whilst your wait shrinks, your booty grows and those bingo wings get obliterated

Duration of the guide?

  • 60 minute workouts
  • 6 week Plan

What will you get in my guide?

  • 6 Week plan
  • 4 Workouts a week
  • Warm up exercises included
  • Detailed exercise instructions

The Benefits Using My Guide

  • All of the exercises are high intensity to challenge you and burn fat whilst shaping those muscles
  • Varied resistance to make sure you are always challenging the body as you grow stronger, fitter and leaner
  • Intense fat burning through HIIT sessions
  • Slim your waist, built your booty and get fitter!
  • Tag me on Instagram @naomirosefitness  when during your plan workouts message me with any questions

Who is the guide for?

  • My guide can be used by anyone as there are options to make exercises both easier and harder for the novice to seasoned exerciser
  • Instant access to the plan in digital format

Follow the simple steps in my guide to loose fat trim your waist and grow your booty



Who Is The Plan For?

  • Custom plans are for anyone that wants seriously targeted results.
  • Maybe you have a specific area in your training or physique that you are not seeing improvements in or just really want to dramatically improve.
  • Going bespoke means that the plan will be specific to you, your goals and your current starting point.
  • Through a detailed face to face or online consultation your lifestyle, likes and dislikes are taken into account to find the best way to get you to your desired goal.

What Does The Plan Include?

  • In depth face to face or online consultation
  • Custom duration diet and training plan

How Long Does It Last?

  • The length of the plan will vary dependent on your goal.
  • The minimum would be 8 weeks and there is no maximum length.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

  • Custom plans take into account your current circumstances and range from at home body weight only (though a small equipment selection is recon dead) to full gym workouts which can be tailored to your specific gym and the equipment available.

Will It Work For Me?

  • Of course! With frequent check in to update your plan you will always be moving in the direction of your goals as your body, fitness and life changes so does our fully responsive custom plan.

Please email for a personalised quote on

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