Mike Diamonds Thank You Coaching

Thanks !

Welcome to Team Diamonds

Congratulations, I hope you are excited as I am to start this transformation. I will be setting up your personalized Meal Plan, Cardio Protocol and ironing out every single detail to make this 12 Week Transformation as smooth as possible. However, In the meantime you will have access to a number of features to allow you to warm up and get settled in.

  1. Please Fill Out the Diamonds Fitness Questionnaire with as much detail as possible, this will facilitate me making the perfect 12 Week Transformation Package for you. You will receive this via email.
  2. Please Attach 4 of your most recent physique updates(i.e. Front, Right Side, Left Side, Right Side)
  3. Join the Team Diamonds Private Facebook Group (Live Streams, Announcments and Updates will be done there) > https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776231642687174/
  4. You can email me at any time at diamondsfitnesscoaching@gmail.com starting today.
  5. After 1st of July, we will do Weekly Check In’s via email, so I can stay up to date with your progress.
  6. Between Now and July 1st, you will be receiving emails from me with regards to your 12 week Transformation package.
  7. You have access to the workouts in the AFLETE App already so you can familiarise yourself with my training method.

I am going to be honest with you. If you want results, the diet will make you or break you I can give you. I can give you all the tools in the world to accomplish the 12 Week Transformation. But It will require 100% effort and dedication on your behalf to work. The most important note, YOU WILL MESS UP, we are only human, but when that happens I need complete honesty and transparency when update on progress. This transparency will allow me to do my job, to adjust and make sure you reach your goal on time.

We are a Team, Diamonds in the rough.


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