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My name is Mackenzie Forbes, I am 16 years old and I am Vegan 💪



My transformation from January 2016 to now. A whole 50-60lbs difference. (86lbs-145lbs) Food is fuel!! 💪🏼 I used to struggle with restriction SO MUCH in the past. Looking back I will never understand why I thought to be “thin” would bring me happiness and help me feel accepted. Little did I know that lifting, not doing 3 hours of cardio daily and most importantly being able to eat would actually give me the body I wanted, but most importantly the life I wanted and needed. I want to show everyone that it IS POSSIBLE to achieve anything! Set yourself a goal, stop making excuses and just go for it! Eat, eat, eat, lift, lift, lift! 💪🏼Send me a message with any other questions you have. I want to help everyone achieve their goals because you all deserve it 💗


First taken a year ago (90lbs, 1600cals) ⏩(145lbs, 3500cals). It’s been a long journey and I’m so incredibly proud of everything I’ve been through. It hasn’t come easy and it was definitely NOT COMFORTABLE. When you’re used to eating and exercising in a certain way changing that takes time, especially when you have become obsessive over it. “Kenzie’s mental health checklist” was what SAVED ME and I want EVERYONE to try this out as well, even if you aren’t struggling. Make a list of all the small unhealthy habits that you’d like to change and one by one start working to cross them off. Having some habits seem way too hard to break, being frustrated, scared is all OKAY! I spent hours crying asking myself why I was making myself go through with recovery. Remember you’re never alone. I want you to know that what you’re doing is amazing! You’ll never believe the happiness you’ll be able to achieve! Everything you’re working for will be so worth it. I promise 💗



What’s Included?

Weight training & Body toning workouts 💪

Booty Secrets 🍑

Get to see how I train 😋

Automatic tracking 😃

Ability to record & track your workouts/progress 👍

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So you’ve got the eating down but somehow still aren’t seeing the progress you’d like? That’s probably because of the way you’re training! 🍑💪🏼
1️⃣ GLUTE ACTIVATION! Before training glutes, I always do exercises such as: Body weight walking lunges, glute bridges, hip thrusts, squats… to “wake up” the muscle and turn on that mind muscle connection.
2️⃣ USING THE RIGHT MUSCLES! I struggled with this SO much when I started training because I’m quad dominant, as many people are. This means that you have to work extra hard to ensure another muscle isn’t going to take over every exercise and you can actually put your glutes to work. Try mental cues like squeezing your glutes throughout the entire exercise and pushing through your heels!
3️⃣HYPERTROPHY! If you’re only training your glutes with a high rep range you might get a nice “shaped” and “toned” butt but it’s not gonna grow! Train your glutes like you would any other muscle you’re trying to grow, with the 8-12rep range. This is ideal for muscle growth!

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At these times we all need a reminder that our bodies are SO INCREDIBLE and SO STRONG! This in itself is a reason to celebrate. We are beautiful. #selflove ❤