Josh Jasper

Josh Jasper

About My Plan


Are you looking to put on muscle? and look shredded? I have created this plan to exactly how I train and help you to achieve your goals.

My Plan Consist Of:

  • Push,pull,legs workouts is a very simple yet extremely effective training split for anyone. 
  • Increase strength
  • The best mass building workout split
  • Lose body fat
  • Abs exercises
  • I am available on what’s app for any queries using the plan

My plan is designed to put on MUSCLE without putting on fat gains. This is for anyone who wants is looking to get BIGGER and STRENGTH, I have added various of different training tools to have most effective workout.

You will learn about body types and how to assess your body type. You will learn how to incorporate the tools of this program for each body type as well as specifically how it applies to you. Each body type, and person, will respond differently to all the various training tactics out there.

Lastly, this plan is designed to continue making gains and build mass!!

£15.00 / €14.00/ $20.00

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About Me

My Background Story

I was quite skinny when I was younger so I started going to the gym every night with my mates, then I increased my protein intake and began seeing results. Seeing the changes in my body shape got me hooked and I started taking training seriously. I done this by spending hours researching training and nutrition. This led to me competing in my first ukbff show aged 18 where I placed 3 rd and qualified for the British finals. After this show is have spent my time improving my physique by adding muscle to the right areas I have done this by using the training plan above.

About Me

I am a Amateur Fitness Model & UKBFF Competitor, I have dedicated my time to getting into shape and helping others improve their bodies. I hope to inspire others to work towards their goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I always focus on expanding my fitness knowledge to continually help others achieve their fitness goals.


Join Me and Get RESULTS!! I will help you all the way if you have any questions about the exercises please email me

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