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Product description:
Do you feel like your body could use a break from nutritional stress? Or are you looking for a perfect starting point for a new workout plan? A little detox cure could be just the thing for you! With our 28 Day TeaTox we offer you the perfect support for an intensive body cleanse. Drinking only two cups per day makes a real difference for your body’s detoxification process. Try our TeaTox and grant your body a whole new start!

The DAYTIME TeaTox is green tea with a delicious orange lemon flavor. Thanks to the extra ingredients lemon grass and stinging nettle it works as a super fresh and energizing morning boost! In the evening, you want a nice cup of tea that calms you down after an active day: the BEDTIME TeaTox has you sorted! Soothing rooibos tea with a yummy taste of vanilla and lavender prepares your body for the nightly cleanse.

With its great taste and easy use, TeaTox is your perfect day-to-day tea if you want to detoxify and lose weight.