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About Me

Hey, my name is Heidy Espaillat 💪

I believe if you want something you really need to put your energy and heart on that goal. Nothing worth having comes easy but if you give your 100% effort, stay focus on yourself and your personal growth, you will be unstoppable. Life is full of options and we are in charge to design the life that we want. Make sure you do more of the things that make you happy, it is your life and you only live once 🤗




Booty Building🍑 Ladies to get toned round glutes you need to target the muscle from all angles.

Glutes & Hamstrings focused routine!

Let’s build a sexy back

Ab-circuit 💦


2014➡️2017. You need to fall in love with the process. Most of the time we want the easiest way to get something and forget that every little step matters. You need to be patient and consistent. Don’t expect something to work if you are only giving your 10%. Fitness has become a lifestyle for myself not something temporary to lose 10 or 20 pounds because I have an event coming up and then forget about it. I do this for my health, for my mind and for my body because I want to become the best version I can be 💗


2014 to 2017. Same shorts but on the right picture I had to fold over my pants literally (even though you can’t see it) because it was so loose on my waist. On the left one I was going to the gym but I wasn’t consistent, using all the gym equipment in one day and killing myself doing cardio because that was all I knew to do at the gym and eating all kind of foods. I took it seriously by the end of 2015, and as I started to see improvements on my body I felt in love with it. Now it has becomes a lifestyle and I feel more confident, healthy, happy, with a lot of energy and ready to see how my body can improve. Sometimes I wished I have started this journey earlier, but Gods timing is perfect. Everything comes in the right time and I am not wasting this opportunity to better myself in all aspects 🤗

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