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The 12 week fierce and fit guide goes beyond helping girls achieve the body they want, It strives to help them achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. I want to share the process, steps and workouts I put in to get to my goals, and help others achieve theirs.

This guide is built for any type of fitness goal someone may have, it goes into depth about cardio routines, nutrition and mentality. It touches base on how you should be eating and your cardio routine whether you are weight loss, weight gain, or body recomposition. I wanted a guide that anybody could use. One that helps beginners get started and progressively get started! This guide can be followed from week one by beginners to help set the foundation for weeks 5-12 or started in week 5 with those who have experience with resistance training. As you work towards developing your desired body and strength, you will also focus on building a strong mentality, that will allow you to live this lifestyle to the fullest and maintain it beyond the guide!

With video exercise, this comprehensive guide can be done by anyone who has access to a gym and weight/ machines. The last extension of the guide includes an online Facebook community, where I will be adding a micronutrient recipe book, hosting live video chats, and allowing for everyone to interact! So let’s build a booty, Crush your goals, and start a thriving lifestyle.

You would follow the workouts on the AFLETE app for free, available iOS & Android. You would be able to track my workouts and watch exercise videos.



You would receive e-book via email.

This is a comprehensive guide that’s goal is based on your goal! While working out is important towards reaching your desired physique, there are many other factors that come into play. You may be asking how much cardio shouldI do? How do I perform this exercise? What shouldI be eating, how doI stay motivated? Well this guide will cover all of the above! Not only that bu it also includes setting SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely) GOALS, to help you get your desired shape and mentality. Thats right, MENTALITY. It also will include thought provoking exercises regarding building your relationship with your body mind and nutrition on this journey! Be sure to specify what your goal is and implement the proper resources provided!

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Throughout my teen years, I struggled with Anorexia nervosa and Orthorexia Nervosa. I took to Instagram to share my struggles, story and recovery. As I fought for recovery and found a new and better life for myself, I turned my struggles into strength. I found an incredible love for wanting to make people happy, and to appreciate themselves and their bodies and minds. I found my happiness after recovery in the gym and making those around me happy. With this, I knew the career choice for me was personal training. Ever since the age of 17, I had educated myself, reading book after book on training methods, anatomy, the mind and many other topics in relation. The minute I turned 18 I knew it was time. I went ahead and since up for my NASM personal training certification.  After doing this and truly learning my body I pursued my dream of becoming an NPC Bikini Competitor at age 18. I took home 3 trophies and was nationally qualified. It gave a whole new meaning to training and my purpose for being in the gym. I learned the ins and outs of the mind and body and what real discipline and determination are. Since then I have worked with over 50 clients both in person and online. I work closely with clients to build them both physically and mentally. Do I charge crazy prices for the most trainer? NO. This is simply because I want to provide value to as many people as I can and I do not want such a small factor to stand in the way. My mission is simply this, to help you learn your worth and create the best YOU possible.