Support & FAQ

If you have any questions see the FAQ’s below or email us on, Thanks!

What is Aflete?

We are a fitness app focused on bringing you the best workouts. We do this by working with influencers, trainers and athletes.

What do I buy, which workout?

This depends on your goal, if you want to lose fat then select one of those, or if you want to add lean muscle then you can select those. The middle tab in the app shows you all the categories and workouts.

I forgot my password?

Tap Login (top right corner), you would see an option for forgot password, type in either your username or email address and click to reset password. You will receive a link to your email address you have registered with. Please check your junk mail, if you have not received an email to reset your password please email

When I buy a plan where has it gone? How do I see it?

Once you have purchased either a free or paid plan it will be added to your my plans, you would see this under my plans the first tab on the app. 

If I purchase a custom plan from a trainer, how does it work?

Once you buy a custom plan from a trainer, sit back as the trainer will message you directly with some questions so they can get started on getting to know you and creating your custom bespoke plan.

What currency are the prices?

You should see the currency of your location. If not the standard currencies are in USD (United States Dollars), EUR (European Union), GBP (Great British Pounds).

Would I need to pay anything to create Aflete account?

No – It’s completely free to make an account.

Can I speak to someone for help?

Please email us and someone will be in touch.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my payment?

Please send an email to regarding any questions to do with payment. Could you please include your full name, which plan you purchased, payment method and what type of device are using to make payment on.

What is the refund policy?

If you have purchased a paid product on our website or app and you are having issues we can offer you a refund. Otherwise they are no refunds as you recieve your product immediately online. You can see this written in our terms to

Will I be charged monthly for one time paid plan?

You will not be charged monthly for any paid product. This is one time and upfront fee.