Emma Dillon

Emma Dillon

“If you’re serious about getting results and you’re interested in my guidance then let’s work!”

About Me

My name is Emma Dillon. I’m a Personal Trainer certified in CERT 3 & CERT 4 fitness. I am a WBFF Amateur World Bikini Pro. Before following my passion into fitness I was a certified legal practitioner! But I am now currently following my dreams of helping others reach their health and fitness goals – both online and in person!

Why am I getting you to do HIIT?

“HIIT” or High Intensity Interval Training describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or complete rest. This type of training increases and keeps your heart rate up and burns MORE FAT in LESS TIME

Why am I getting you to lift weights?

Weights is what makes us toned, tight, lean and defined! There is a great scare among the female community that weights will make us ‘bulky’. WRONG. Weights don’t make us bulky, the fat over the muscle is what makes us look bulky! Weights help us sculpt our bodies to get curves in all the right places, and stay nice and firm! Weights help build muscle, and muscle is what brings us in nice and tight and lifted. So YES. I will have you lifting weights in this plan!!!

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Are you ready to do 12 week HIIT Training Guide? Well this plan is for you!

Are you reaching your training and diet goals? There’s nothing better than feeling and seeing results and nothing worse than feeling confused or lost as to why you aren’t. Don’t let yourself reach the point of frustration where you want to give up, I am here to guide you!!

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12 Week HIIT Training Guide

Why do my plan?

OVERALL – this program is going to make some changes to your current lifestyle.

We are going to get you lifting nice and heavy as well as adding some HIIT. I’m combining these two methods to work those fast twitching muscle fibres and create a nice tight and toned physique.

You will have the option to do normal fasted cardio once a week, which don’t get me wrong, still definitely helps with fat loss. But HIIT once or twice a week is going to really turn things up a notch!


Lose body fat

To tone up

Build strength

Reshaping your booty

Reduce celluite

What’s included?

12 weeks of workout

6 Workouts a week

How many sets & Repetitions to do 

Every workout is different not repeated 


Meal Guide

Duration of the plan

12 week challenge 


Gym Equipment Needed – Free weights

Workout Level

The guide is for beginners – advanced 


Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

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