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Emily Jane Lower Body Guide


Emily Jane Guide, you would get a descriptive e-book, exercise videos, Aflete app to track your workouts!

-E-Book how to use the guide, how to calculate your macros, meal options to supplements to take

-Workout structure is, 4 workouts a week, building legs

-Follow my exercise videos, track your workouts, make notes through Aflete App



Right before I started my fitness journey I had absolutely no idea what lifting weights entailed let alone the purpose of it. I thought that to be considered “fit” and healthy you just had to run every day and eat clean. Not once did I ever consider that HEY EMILY MAYBE U SHOULD GET UR ASS IN THE GYM AND ACTUALLY PUSH YOURSELF AND LIFT. As I was doing cardio every day, the nutritional aspect was never something that stuck with me. I figured that since I was running and doing cardio I’d lose weight because I was burning off calories, but looking back I was probably consuming more than double what I burned in a day (slow clap). When you hear people say “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet” mannn is that true, but I was oblivious. On the left, I remember it being so hot out that day, but I refused to put on a tank top and shorts to run the race because I was ashamed of the way I looked and didn’t want anyone to see my legs jiggle as I ran 🙄 Fast forward to the following year, I asked my older brother if I could come to the gym with him one time and the moment I stepped into the free weight section I knew something was about to change. I opened my eyes to strength training, while still implementing cardio from time to time, but not excessively as I didn’t find the need for it anymore. I read articles on bodybuilding.com about nutrition, watched YouTube videos, learned how to structure a workout, and never felt better mentally or physically. I was once uneducated, vulnerable, and naive but once you learn to change your perspective, set goals, and be consistent, results will follow. Don’t fall victim to skinny teas, wraps, pills, etc. just put.in.work and EDUCATE yourself, there is so much free information out there, take advantage of it, get to werk, and believe in yourself 💪🏻 sorry for the novel, but thanks for reading if you made it this far 💕



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