Elliot Robinson





-My 6 Week High Volume Shred Training Plan

-It is perfect for those looking to test and push their body to the limit. The plan is split over 6 weeks and comprises of 2 separate alternating training splits within the 6 weeks.

-Each week consists of a 6-day split routine, ensuring each muscle group is targeted at least once a week.

-The objective of this plan is to increase your knowledge of different exercises/training principles and more so to teach you to push past your body’s point of failure on exercises where this is possible.

-The reps in the plan are stated at 10-20 reps for a reason, I want you to get used to pushing the boundaries of your body. If you physically can’t hit 10 reps then the weight is too heavy and needs to be lowered. BUT if you hit 10 and feel like you can keep going then I want you to keep going. Whether it be 12, 15, 18, or 20 reps. I want you to push to point where it hurts and forces your body to change.
BUT ALSO if you feel like you can do more after 20 reps, then end the set and make sure you increase the weight on the next set so you get to the point of pretty much failure within the rep guidelines.

-The reason I say ‘on exercises where this is possible’ is so that you’re never putting yourself at risk of injury on any exercise if you physically hit the point of failure. For example, I wouldn’t perform this type of set when doing a barbell squat as it could be dangerous. BUT something like a leg extension would be absolutely perfect when trying to take your muscles to physical exhaustion.

-The ability to track all your workouts with the AFLETE APP



-Free to download, available be iOS & Andriod

-Track your workouts, make notes, track how much weight lifted!

-Tick off exercises as you do!

-Easy to follow your workouts & keep motivated!


My name is Elliot Robinson. I am 22 years old, from the UK and I am an international fitness model and UKBFF/IFBB Men’s Physique competitor. I have been training now for just over 5 years and I have been competing for the past two years. Competing on the Mr. Olympia stage has always been a huge goal of mine and I wish to achieve that in the next 5 years and will not stop until I do so.
I am a very driven and positive individual and love nothing more than helping people reach any goal they have in this industry.