Destiny Nicole



Are you tired of not losing stubborn fat especially around your hips, inner thighs?

I can’t wait to work with you and help you reach your goal. Just to give you some background info on me, I am a qualified trainer and have been training clients for over 3 years, I only work with women as I specialize in losing fat, building booty and core. I have helped hundreds of women just like you all around the world and I take huge care and dedication in each one of my clients.

I struggled myself growing up, losing fat, having trimmed waist, building booty and abs. I tried all sorts of diets, workouts but still nothing helped me. For years I tried all sorts of stuff and then it finally clicked.

So, in this plan I will show you exactly how you can do it too. I want you to use my experience for your own benefit and get to your goal.

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Train with me!


4 Video Workouts

Designed to burn fat 

Emphasis on your core and abs

MY training style – if you like my progress, it’s the one for you

All video’s include me doing the workouts so lets train together

Only £14.99 / €17.99 / $19.99



Booty Lifter and Tone Up

Complete 4 Week Challenge

Gym based workouts

Meal Guide

Images showing the correct form 

Only £7.49 / €8.99 / $9.99


Group 2
Group 3
Group 4


My workouts are for women who want to burn fat and tone up. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I am all about training hard and getting results so come join me!

4 Week Challenge and has 4 different workouts that are simple and easy to follow.

4 Video workouts that focus on working core and abs

Both of my guides focus on Legs, Glutes & Core! Different variations to hit the key areas.

Challenge includes Images that shows you exactly the correct form for each exercise.

Video core plan includes video workouts

Yes both my guides come with meal plans

Tag me in your workout @msnicolefit_ and use #msnicolefit so I can support you along the way. 24/7 Support.