Chrystal Rose FAQ



What’s included in the guide?
I wanted to include subjects that mean a lot to me, so not only do you receive a structured 8 week booty guide, but you also get an insight on my personal journey & transformation, motivation & self love help, macros & calories, body types, shopping list, supplements, training style, mistakes to avoid, warm ups & cool downs, cardio, DOMS.

Who is this plan for?
I wrote this gym-based guide for anyone looking to build a stronger, sculpted booty!

Will it work for me?
This guide will work for any motivated individual willing to put in the effort at the gym and make minor adjustments to their lifestyle!

How will I help you reach your goals?
I have written this guide based on what I have religiously stuck by throughout my journey to achieve these results and get where I am today. If you like my transformation, then this guide is for you!

What experience do I have?
Through hard work and dedication for the last 2 years, I went from under eating and weighing just 7st 6lbs, to having a much healthier relationship and broader understanding of the importance behind a good diet and active lifestyle. I am now sitting at 9st and much more confident in myself!

What do I specialise in?
Growing the glutes and helping with self confidence to become a more confident and positive person!