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Only USD 45.00 / GBP 36.00 / EUR 41.00 / AUD 58.00


8 Weeks of workouts that focus on progressive overload and increase volume, intensity, and training as the weeks go on. Cardio recommendations based on your goal, nutrition and tons of other information you need to reach your goals!


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Only USD 45.00 / GBP 36.00 / EUR 41.00 / AUD 58.00


8 Weeks of workouts with each week different
Emphasis on scientific training based on progressive overload to achieve your goal body.
Loads of information on nutrition (how to track your calories and macros), training (why you’re doing what is included), how to track progress, how to continue progressing, and SO much more information.
Track your progress through the AFLETE App

B-Fit Blueprint Challenge



-The challenge includes the workouts and weekly check-ins with me (photos, weight, measurements, etc) and I will personally adjust macros and/or cardio when and if needed in order to keep you on track with your goal (accountability is huge)
– I will also be available by the challenge email at any time through the challenge

Only USD 140.00 / GBP 106.00/ EUR 120.00



Foundation of Fitness

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Everything you need to know about reaching your fitness goals and continuing to progress over time. The most common fitness questions answered and explained, including but not limited to, nutrition (calories, micros, macros, tips to hit macros, number of meals, meal timing, sample grocery list, sample meal plan), fat loss (fat loss vs. weight loss, reality of extremely low levels of body fat, spot reducing, cellulite), muscle growth (how to, can you build muscle and lose fat simultaneously), training (proper program and rep ranges, strength/hypertrophy/endurance, how often to switch workouts, workout splits with examples, all about cardio, supplements (are they necessary, science-backed supplements).

Only USD 25.00 / GBP 20.00 / EUR 23.00 / AUD 32.00

Bundle Deal!

B-Fit Blueprint Guide + Foundation of Fitness E-Book – BUNDLE

Only USD 65.00 / GBP 52.00 / EUR 60.00 / AUD 85.00 

What is this guide about?

I am a natural-born teacher and am always looking to help and teach others in any way that I can. This is why I try to share as much free information throughout my social media channels! However, I wanted something that had more structure, something that you all could easily follow and make progress with, something that has the accountability factor, and something that created a sense of community. Following a training program typically ensures success because you have a goal with a structured plan of attack that you are following each day, and you have the community of the other people that are following along as well! Make sure to add the Facebook page by searching “B-Fit Blueprint” and share your stories, successes, ask questions, etc. and use the hashtag #BFB on social media channels.

What is different about this program?

I see so many training programs and guides that focus on very unhealthy practices and that aren’t based on a scientific, healthy, maintainable approach. No hours of cardio, no starving yourself, no short-cuts or quick fixes! Anyone can reach a goal in 8-weeks by taking extremes, but that will only set you up for failure in the long run. This guide is meant to kickstart your new goal, teach you something, and help you learn how to make this a sustainable lifestyle in the long run. This isn’t a “do this and get this result” type of program. This is more of a “here is how you do this, here is WHY you do this, and here is how you can keep making progress on your own later down the road”. Not only that, but the training is focused on progressive overload – one of the most important parts of making progress with your training programs!

What experience do I have?

I have been in the fitness industry for over four years, I am an online coach working with client one-on-one to reach their fitness goals and have helped tons of people lose fat, build muscle, and transform their lives not only physically, but most importantly, mentally.

I graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelors of Health Education, from the University of Florida, NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2013, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and continuously researching and learning about the human body, health, fitness, and nutrition.

Not only that, but I have personally been through a lot within my fitness journey. I have been a long-distance runner, a bikini competitor, underweight and under nourished, more muscular, dealt with body image and disordered eating, and now finally happy, healthy, and balanced.

  • For all levels and all goals! Beginner, intermediate, advanced with a focus on fat loss, muscle building, or maintenance – you decide.
  • Gym Equipment Required: You would need, free weights ( dumbbells), Barbell, Cables and Leg Machines
  • The structure is 5 workouts a week, 2 cardio days that are optional for you. You would be focusing on each body muscle!
  • This would need an hour to do each workout!