Brandon Harding


I can’t wait to work with you and help you reach your goal. Just to give you some background info on me, I am a qualified trainer and have been training clients for over 3 years, I only work with guys as I specialize in putting lean muscle on. I have helped hundreds of guys just like you all around the world and I take huge care and dedication in each one of my clients.

I struggled myself growing up and putting on muscle and size was a huge issue for me. I tried all sorts of diets, workouts but still nothing helped me. For years I tried all sorts of stuff and then it finally clicked.

So, in this plan I will show you exactly how you can do it too. I want you to use my experience for your own benefit and get to your goal.




  • -8 Week Training Plan complete with how many reps, sets etc
  • -Detailed with supersets and dropsets to build muscle
  • -Meal plan which has options on what to eat to gain lean muscle
  • -List of supplements from pre-workout, protein to make sure you can achieve your results
  • -Videos of all the exercises

All my guides are digital books,
Available instantly worldwide!


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