Some of you may heard of the social media fitness star Zoe Rodriguez.

When she just started her fitness journey, she exploded and went from having just 5,000k followers to 523,000k followers.

Zoe started by simply sharing her goals and experiences on social media. She has amazing physique and you can clearly see the the difference in muscle mass in her transformation below. However, Zoe hasn’t always been a weight lifter. She used to be a keen runner and had a much skinnier physique.

How did  Zoe Rodriguez explode on social media?

Zoe wanted to share her own progress and experiences as she transformed her body. As her physique started to improve, her followers started to ask questions. They wanted advice and tips that they could use themselves and Zoe realised that there was an opportunity to make money from her passion.

She related to her followers who were going through the same journey, especially women who are debating whether to get into weight training. A lot of women are often unsure about how weight lifting will affect their body shape and seeing Zoe’s transformation is a huge inspiration to them.

This lead to Zoe building her online presence and growing her audience of inspired fitness enthusiasts.

Zoe has been very vocal about the fact that she doesn’t believe in fad diets or insane workout programs. Her view is that working out and eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a phase, which we agree with!

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How does Zoe sell so many online training programs?

Zoe realised that there was a huge demand for online training program and put a lot effort in creating high quality programs. She shares the information about her programs on social while consistently posting images. This is important has it helps her followers see how well her training works.

She posts high quality content to provide value to her followers, opening them up to the thought of purchasing from her.

Prior to buying her guides, Zoe has created a well-detailed FAQ’s section. It takes care of a lot of the questions that a buyer would have and explains the benefits that they will receive.

The plan is well made and easy to follow with videos and simple images to help readers work through it.

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Zoe’s success and achievements

  • Zoe’s dream was to own her own private gym, which she has now achieved through selling online plans
  • She has been running her own business, Zbody, for the past few years. Zbody sells fitness guides and workout clothes.
  • She started on her own but has now grown so large that she has a team of employees to help her grow even further.
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