When we think of yoga, we usually picture women doing it. Yet does that mean men shouldn’t do yoga? Of course not – Yoga for men is real!

Yoga has its own features that are particularly beneficial to men, as yoga should be more popular for men! Let’s list them out!

1. Build lean muscles

Yoga is not actually as simple as people think, some movements require those who practise it to put their entire body weight on our hand, which is pretty hardcore. Yoga is inspirational to people makes you feel positive and want to feel motivated.

2. Relieve stress

After a long day of work,  Yoga is the best way to relieve stress and why not try it? It’s been said that doing other workouts such as fighting or other aggressive workouts can make people feel exhausted, where as yoga is known to be more relaxing and engage with your soul. You will feel stress free, why not have a healthy smoothie to energize yourself. Unique relaxing moves, should leave you stress-free after for sure will help you with your other resistance training especially crossfit you can use other body muscles

yoga for men pose

3. Prevent possible workout injuries

The practice of breathing and stretching will prevent any injuries during your workout, as your muscle is stretched out and it is easier to recover.

4. Get flexible

The regular practise of yoga will help to loosen tight joints and spine since there are plenty of twisting movements. Yoga also helps with detoxification and good digestion, it is important to add superfoods to your diet.

5. Push yourself

Yoga may be seen simple but there is so many types of it, that’s the beauty of it, each exercise is challenging, many yoga types require strength and endurance. Class such as “Power yoga” or “Vinyasa yoga” will have you experience long holds and continual movements, you will for sure feel it. So yoga should be popular for men not just for women!

Come on guys once you have tried yoga, you will for sure add this to your training!


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