Aflete brings you the most interesting articles from around the web, check out this amazing article that shows yoga can have tremendous benefits for anyone and even push your weight training to the next level. Yoga inspired exercises can help you turn down the volume on chronic and systemic inflammation, so your body can hear the potent growth signal of post workout inflammation! Bodybuilding only targets your physical appearance, while Yoga targets your body, soul and mind collectively. Bodybuilding is regarded as a symbol of physical strength and fitness while Yoga is seen as a symbol of mental peace and balance. Let’s see how we can synchronize both to achieve complete fitness.

Ever since body-building has entered into the sports category, fierce competition has forced body-builders to go to their extremes. It has caused more injuries and stiffness to their bodies-resulting in the lose of muscle agility and flexibility, making them appear like a robot. To regain the lost flexibility body-builders need to combine body-building with Yoga. More the flexibilities you have in your muscles, the greater you are protected from injuries.

yoga for body builders

Yoga For Body Builder!

Even an “under-the-radar” pain sends a signal to your brain telling it to dial down the intensity of your muscle contractions. That’s your body’s way of protecting you from any injuries. And because it’s hard-wired, it’s the death warrant for your muscle and strength gains and a death warrant is something you don’t want as a body builder.

Muscle imbalances, bad posture and undetectable micro-injuries can all trigger this neurological knee-jerk reaction that sabotages your gains. If you want to kick your growth back up into another level, you’re going to have to do some damage control. And that means mobility and flexibility training to keep your muscles in check for work.

If you’re looking to feel better and take your build to the next level then I strongly suggest trying yoga classes a day or two each week. The first thing it does is helps you stretch in a way most people wouldn’t be disciplined enough to do on their own. The second thing yoga can do is take you to a better range of motion with your muscles and I believe this will definitely stimulate growth when you get back into the strength phases of your routines.

Benefits For Body Builders To Use Yoga?

  • Yoga is a holistic approach of uniting a persons body, mind, and spirit. It teaches you how to balance the body and mind through “Aasanas”. Which means “good posture” in Sanskrit language.
  • Yoga helps the strained and torn muscles to relax and heal quickly as it relaxes your muscles. Practicing yoga regularly not only helps cultivate endurance and muscle strength, but it also improves concentration and a perfect body balance which often lacks in body-building.
  • Yoga keeps you calm and your blood pressure in control which is key for body builders.
  • Yoga re-energises your body and gives a fresh feeling all the time which gives body builders endurance.
  • Yoga can be used to heal various joint pain and muscle aches which occur regularly for body builders.
  • Yoga targets various internal body system and enhance their performance.
  • Yoga can help to enhance blood circulation and carries optimum oxygen to the blood.

Body Building With Yoga Outcomes:

  • Yoga may aid in a smoother flow of oxygen to every part of the body.
  • With different Yoga postures, blood circulation will become even throughout the body which helps the performance of training.
  • Yoga helps to keep internal organs in alignment and to their optimum performance.
  • Yoga can be helpful in increasing the lubrication of joints and tendons which un-stiffens the muscles.
  • Stiffness in the body, which most body-builders experience, hinders the full range of motion. With the help of Yoga, full range motion of arms and joints can be achieved.
  • With Yoga, you can harness your energy level by improving the metabolism of the body to retain and assimilate essential nutrients.
  • Yoga, when done consistently, can enhance your muscle strength.

How Does Yoga Help?


  • Growing and getting defined at the same time
  • Helps you to stay lean
  • Yoga helps me stay focused
  • Yoga helps my muscles to un-wind from stiffness of training.

p.s. If you had a couple days a week in the gym where all you had to do was abs, cardio, and stretch, you’d do just that. It’s easy to run out of time or skip out on some of this stuff when you are throwing in weight training everyday.try to think outside of the box, open up your mind a little more, and you may get some better results

Seriously guys, give yoga a shot. It’s done very well for me personally

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