One of the biggest factors that determines whether or not we reach our fitness goals, is consistency. Consistency in terms of both the time spent exercising and the effort in which we put in. And what is the best way to stay consistent? By following a workout plan.

The first step in succeeding is to find out the best time of day for you to workout and use your workout plan to create a routine for yourself. A workout plan also helps you stay on track, it holds you accountable for what you do and it ensures that you stay focused when working out. We spoke to some of you who are already working to transform yourselves through health and fitness, and asked you how important a workout plan has been to your progress and why you would recommend using a plan to others.


How can a workout plan can help YOU succeed?



Can’t find the motivation to get up and workout today? But you know you really should? A workout plan that states which days you should be exercising and what workout you should be doing holds you accountable and motivates you to stay consistent. Having a plan also encourages you to form a routine, and a routine again promotes consistency.


Using a workout plan that has been created specifically for you, means that it will be tailored to your exact goals. The types of exercises included, the rep and set ranges used and the intensity designed for you to work at will all ensure that you are working towards the goals you want to achieve.


Having a workout plan with you whilst you are in the gym will also save you time. Following a plan allows you to fully focus on your workout. It also ensures you know what you are doing and prevents you from wasting time thinking about the next exercise you should do. This is especially helpful if you are short on time – you can get in, get your workout done and get out in no time!


Lots of workout plans are designed to last for 2 – 3 months, and during this 2 – 3 month period offer a lot of variation. This variation comes in the form of the exercises used, the rep ranges and the rest periods allowed. Variation stops you from getting bored of doing the same workout every time you are in the gym, and continually keeps your body challenging itself preventing plateaus.


A workout plan can also help you see your progress as it happens. A weight lifting plan which asks you to increase your weight each few weeks, or changes the number of reps you should perform, allows you to see that you are getting stronger. Similarly, a plan which asks you to time yourself running the same distance each week will hopefully show you that your speed is increasing each time.



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