Aflete knows that Veganism is quickly becoming the diet of choice for young people and health enthusiasts alike so we set out to speak with a young lady inspiring others to follow this lifestyle. Praised for the lack of cruelty as one does not consume meat or animal products and also for the apparent health benefits of leading a plant based lifestyle its easy to see why vegan diets are so popular with people today. We caught up with a Jade who has taken to the internet and social media to share her own brand of positive, vegan inspiration and recipes to find out if veganism really is all it’s cracked up to be.

Q – Can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you?

My name is Jade Everett. I am just an average teenager living in sunny southern California who has a passion for making, eating, and sharing healthy, yummy, and cruelty free meals and recipes. I think it is very important for teenagers to realize that their age should not prevent them from feeling healthy and happy in their body.


Q – Veganism is very popular these days – When did you first think about becoming vegan? What prompted you to become vegan? How has being vegan changed your life?

I have been vegan for over 4 years now. I am currently 16 so I was 11 or 12 at the time of my decision to switch to a cruelty free lifestyle. I decided to make this change after doing some research on the internet and seeing the inhumane treatment of animals in big factory farms. Becoming vegan is probably the best decision I have ever made! It has allowed me to learn so much about nutrition and what makes your body feel good, helped me discover a passion for cooking and experimenting with foods, and made me into a more compassionate human being. Veganism opened me up to a whole new world.


Q – What role did social media play in you becoming vegan?

Social Media did not really play a role in my decision to switch to a vegan lifestyle because I don’t believe I even had any social media accounts at the time of my switch but what it has done is helped me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. When I first made the switch, I was still not eating healthy since I was so young and had limited knowledge about what foods to be eating to feel good. Social Media has allowed for me to learn so much about healthy eating and become way more open to experimenting with cooking and baking.

Q – You have a beautiful blog and it’s quite new – what was your motivation for it when you decided to start it? And what is your aspiration for it in the future?

Oh thank you! I started my blog because I wanted to share my passion for cooking with others and have a better platform for sharing recipes. Instagram is great for sharing picture and is a bit more personal but it doesn’t have a great platform for sharing the actual recipe so I wanted to make it  as easy as possible for people to view and recreate my recipes. In the future, I hope to have it grow with more recipes and to be able reach more people.


Q – On your blog you always explain your food, why you like it or why you eat it, etc. Why do you feel it is important to have context with food sharing as opposed to just a picture or just a recipe and ‘healthy’ as the description?

Well, I think it is very important to describe the food to allow the person reading the recipe to understand what they are making since each person has their own personal tastes, preferences, and dietary needs so then they can edit the recipe to fit them personally. Also, it better allows for people to know what food to eat in response to how their body is feeling.


Q – Who is your nutrition hero/heroine? Would you pay to see what they eat on a daily basis?

That is such a hard question since there are so many inspirational people out there so I don’t think I could limit my answer to just one person but I will say that my favorite accounts are always the ones that are very active with their followers in answering any questions or concerns they have. I think it is so important to have a good flow of knowledge sharing.


Q – Do you think Nomnom, a social platform dedicated to food, health and fitness, would have any advantages or disadvantages over the current avenues for food sharing?

I think it would have lots of advantages such as a better platform for recipe sharing, more refined searching, ect. The only disadvantage I could possibly imagine would be that it is less likely for someone who wasn’t particularly searching for it to stumble upon it and become interested in switching to a healthier lifestyle.

Q – How can people see more of you and your vegan inspiration?

You can find my Instagram @OneHappyVegan. Also, my blog where I post all my recipes to is The link to that is also in my Instagram description.


Jade Everett (aka OneHappyVegan)

vegan girl

It was a pleasure to interview Jade, and she certainly made a compelling case for veganism and no case is more compelling than how great the recipes on her blog look!


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