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Many people are deciding they don’t just want to be vegetarian now, they want to be vegan. That transition can be hard from being a vegetarian to a vegan and even just a meat eater to a vegan and you will need to know some essentials so you can stay healthy during this transition. Aflete is here to guide you through the technical minefield that is non-meat based protein sources so relax with the number one social network for food, health and fitness. We are here to help to change your diet, you may feel you want to change your diet because not feeling energetic or even gym bunnies that want to lose couple of pounds why not be Vegan, Beyonce did it.

Have you been thinking of finally losing your V card and finally going VEGAN?

Lots of people are concerned they won’t get enough protein but they have questions like how to lose weight? How to have more energy? How to feel happy? Improving my healthy?

The answer is a lot of people who want to try the vegan diet which can give you loads of energy and be much easier on your digestive system without having to deal with all of those animal and dairy products. Being a new Vegan will be hard because the transition from eating meat and dairy products to only organic food is drastic and you will need to keep high protein and nutrients levels so your body can get use to this change. We feel like there is a big vegan community out there, as we have seen on Aflete App how users are connected, helping each other leads to people feeling a lot more happier and positive.

These are our favourite high protein vegetables that are essentials for your new vegan lifestyle:

1 avocado = 10 grams of protein

1 cup of boiled peas = 9 grams of protein

1 cup of broccoli = 5 grams of protein

1 cup of spinach = 5 grams of protein

2 cups of cooked kale = 5 grams of protein

1 cup of cooked sweet potato = 5 grams of protein

There you have it, some amazing vegetables to stop you munching on meat and living the peaceful, green, vegan life you’ve always wanted!




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