When most people hear the phrase ‘raw veganism’ they roll their eyes and tiredly try to explain that diet fads don’t actually work, where have you been? But don’t be so quick to dismiss it.

From the name you can probably discern that raw veganism involves eating only raw plant-based foods, often until 4pm when a cooked dinner is allowed. Raw Vegan Meals? So far it kind of sounds like a weird diet that models go on before catwalk shows, however the raw veganism movement is focused on not only eating fresh, vibrant foods, but also eating it in abundance. Because the calories in raw food are often so minimal this way of life gives the green light to eating as much as you like as long as what you eat falls into the correct bracket.

So we are talking all the fruit you can stuff yourself with, raw cheesecakes made of cashew nuts, banana milkshakes full of dates that taste like caramel and some more savoury dishes with a few inventive ingredients to make your favourite unhealthy cheat meals into super food everyday meals.

So if you are someone who finds restriction difficult to stick to when trying to lead a healthier life then perhaps raw veganism is for you.

Here we have found a few raw vegan recipes that mimic less healthy staples in most cookbooks to help you adjust to an alternative, healthier way of life.

1. Raw Parsnip Sushi Rice


Sushi is one of those foods that are often mistakenly thought of as healthy. Although the fish and vegetables in sushi rolls are undoubtedly good for you, traditionally sushi rice is sticky white rice flavoured with sugar and rice vinegar – processed and loaded with simple carbs. This recipe from ChoosingRaw takes that less desirable element of an otherwise saintly dish and gives you an interesting alternative. Parsnips are often overlooked as an ingredient so try this recipe out and enjoy the surprise addition of a bit of protein from an unlikely source. Find the recipe here. Photo credit: ChoosingRaw

2. Raw Vegan Lasagne

vegan meals

This recipe is a bit of a 2-in-1: both a ‘traditional’ lasagne recipe plus another version that would work as a great appetiser. Lasagne is a comfort food in anyone’s book and I imagine this image isn’t what you think of when you hear that word, but it doesn’t hurt to try something new and raw veganism is a great way of exploring exciting ways of using ingredients. Cashew cheese? Spinach walnut pesto? Give it a go, see what you think and post your best effort on the Nomnom app. Find the recipe here. Photo credit: RawMazing

3. Purple Power Salad

raw vegan meals

MyNewRoots has posted a few pictures of this salad served up at a picnic and dubs it perfect for a crowd. The vibrant colours look amazing and would certainly make a fantastic centrepiece for when friends come over – what better way to get everyone eating healthily? The power in this salad comes from the presence of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that will love your body and help it in all kinds of ways. MyNewRoots talks about it further in her recipe post here. Photo credit: MyNewRoots

4. Portobello Mushroom Cashew Cheese Burger

vegan cheese burger

There’s that word again: cashew nut cheese! I think you must be curious about how it tastes by now, right? But even if it still makes you feel a bit funny then hopefully all the photos on ThisRawsomeVeganLife’s blog look delicious enough to change your mind. This recipe uses a dehydrator to slowly remove the moisture from the mushrooms, whilst retaining their raw properties so if you aren’t such a fan of raw mushrooms then this might be a good compromise. Find the recipe here. Photo credit: ThisRawsomeVeganLife

5. FullyRaw Pad Thai

raw pad thai

FullyRaw is one of the queens of the raw world. She is a picture of health and eats as much as she likes, so why not follow her ideals with this recipe? All of the recipes on her blog come with a video so you can see step by step how to make them, whilst watching the author Kristina chat about how much the raw veganism way of life has benefitted her. If you are interested in continuing with raw veganism then the FullyRaw blog is a great starting point for answering your questions so have a look here. Photo credit: FullyRaw

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