Once you have your personal training plans listed on Aflete, the next step is to drive some traffic to your page. A really effective way to this is through Twitter.

There is a strong health and fitness community on Twitter, providing you with opportunities to engage with potential clients.

The average Twitter user has 208 followers, according to a 2016 study published in The Telegraph. Having a couple of hundred followers may be fine for most users, but if you are promoting your personal training business or health blog online, then you want to be able to reach a wider audience.

The more Twitter followers you have, the more people will see your tweets. It will also increase the number of people who retweet your content with their own followings and so on. Or to put it more simply, increase your following i.e. your lever, and you will magnify your impact.

Below we’ll look at five ways you can increase your Twitter following today.

1. Follow Influencer’s Followers

There are already plenty of people in the health and fitness industry that are active on Twitter and have a huge number of followers. Known as “influencers,” these can be one of your best sources of followers for your own account.

To use this strategy you first need to have a list of high-profile Twitter users with a large number of followers in the fitness space. Finding this type of list is as easy as a quick Google search. Enter into Google the search phrase “Fitness Influencers on Twitter” to find multiple relevant lists of influencers.

Click through to the Twitter account of one of these influencers. Then click on the “Followers” tab and you will see a grid listing their followers. Click on the blue “follow” button next to the followers that you want to follow.

A percentage of the people that you follow will choose to follow you back. The key is that these are people who have indicated that they are interested in fitness / health topics because they are already following a “Fitness Influencer”. They are also likely to be interested in the similar health / fitness information that you will be sharing.kayla

2. Help Solve Problems

As a personal trainer you know the importance of helping to solve people’s problems. Perhaps you have even found clients in the past by giving someone a small tip about how they can improve their technique or form.

On Twitter you can do exactly the same thing to increase your number of followers. To implement this technique you are going to use Twitter’s advanced search function.

  1. First, you need to perform a basic search. Go to your Twitter home page and enter a relevant phrase into the search box at the top left of the screen with the magnify glass. For example, you might enter “diet tips” as your search.
  2. Then click on the “more options” tab. This will produce a drop down list.
  3. From the list select “advanced search”.
  4. Using this advanced search function you can re-enter the phrase into “All of the words” field. Then go to the bottom of the screen and tick the “Questions” box.
  5. Click the blue button and you will see a list of tweets with people asking questions about this particular topic.


You will find a lot of Tweets asking for help and advice, like this:


And this:


You can then reply to these people, helping to answer their questions. There is a very good probability that if you provide a useful answer that they will choose to follow you. You may even find that you acquire a new customer!

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a type of label which make it easier for people to find content on a particular topic or theme. You include these hashtags as part of your tweet. A hashtag on twitter uses the format # followed by the topic or theme. For example, you might use the hashtag #fitness or #healthylifestyle.

When people search for fitness or health related information on twitter then there is a chance that they will find one of your tweets. When they see that you are regularly tweeting content on this topic, then they may choose to follow you. You can find a list of health and fitness related hashtags by performing a Google search for “Popular Fitness Twitter Hashtags”.

twitter #fitness

Another way to use hashtags is the Trends section on your Twitter homepage. This section lists hashtags which are trending right now. People will often click on one of these hashtags to find out more information on that topic.

Look for health related content that you can tweet about that uses that hashtag. For example, imagine that #obama is a trending topic. You might tweet a link to the fitness routine that President Obama uses.

4. Retweet Other People’s Tweets

Everyone likes it when someone chooses to retweet their content. By retweeting another person’s tweet you get their attention and their gratitude. There is also a very good chance that they will either reciprocate by choosing to retweet one of your tweets or to follow you.

Of course you want to retweet content which will be relevant for your own audience as well. This is extremely easy to do. Simply do a Twitter search using a health or fitness related phrase. For example “workout tips” or “healthy eating”.

You will then find a list of tweets that your followers may also enjoy reading. Try to retweet at least a couple of relevant tweets every day and you will soon find your own following start to build.

retweet fitness

5. Be Consistent

One of the biggest keys to success on Twitter is consistency. The more you tweet, the more likely people are to discover you on Twitter, and choose to follow you. Try to tweet at least 5 – 10 times a day on topics related to health and fitness in your niche.

Twitter makes it extremely easy to share content that would be interesting to share content that would be interesting to a fitness / health audience.

Tweet your favourite motivating quotes, share inspiring transformation pictures, link out to interesting fitness articles or give a short health tip. Remember to use relevant hashtags to each tweet that you send out to make it easier for people to find you.

You may think that it will be difficult to tweet 5 to 10 times a day. After all you probably have a business to run, a job to go to or family to take care of. Using the Twitter app on your phone is one way to overcome this problem.

Another useful piece of software are social media scheduling tools, for example Buffer. These tools allow you to write your tweets in advance and then set a schedule for when they are actually posted on Twitter. For example, you could spend a few hours writing 30 – 50 tweets on a Sunday and then schedule to have 5 tweeted each day.

Building a large following on Twitter takes time.

There is no “overnight” formula to developing a huge Twitter following. But, by being consistent in applying the strategies detailed above, you will find that you can develop an engaged, targeted audience Twitter. It’s that audience which will become your Archimedes lever and greatly increase your exposure and impact online.

Let us know what tools you are using to grow you Twitter following and how it’s working out. For more helpful articles, check out the AFLETE Academy.

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