The media landscape is always changing and it can be challenging for personal trainers to keep up with the latest online trends. Especially when trying to make your business visible, social media can be extremely demanding, in particular when you are unsure on how exactly they work.

We are familiar with followings and followers. We switch on our phones to see what our friends or favourite celebrities are up to. A quick double-tap as we scroll through and before we know it we on a profile of someone halfway across the world that claims they can help you shred body fat in a matter of days.

Making your business visible online is now crucial for potential clients to find out exactly who you are and what you do. However, creating visibility is the easy part. In fact even content to some extent can be easy. Retweeting and sharing the work from others to engage growth and content is where things remain attainable, but the difficult part is transitioning your followers into clients.

So to help you gain new clients from your social media, we have listed together some top tips to ensure your business is dominating the internet…

Create Engaging Content That Fuels Motivation

Creating engaging content probably sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Most of us can take a good picture and edit it using a pretty filter, but motivating your followers can be a different story. As most of you are probably aware, many fitness and health accounts use images of toned torsos and healthy drinks hoping that this aspires their followers to use them in order to attain that exact body. However, as many of us know, every body shape is different and not everyone is in it just for weight-loss.

Try to follow a theme that can help engage a following to your website. Try adding competitions to your feed that can help drive your business, including an extra free session with a package of 5 sessions. Competitions are also a great way of increasing your following as well as engaging them. Dependent on your competition you can use them to increase your likes. For example, you can only reveal the winner once your Facebook or Instagram hits a certain amount of likes! Once you reach the likes you can begin to converse with your following, influencing them to transform into clients by using your engaging content!

Do Your Research

Do your research, find a niche and follow through with it. Target followers in a close proximity to you and see if there is a theme carried out within them. Try creating content that caters to almost everyone and make it impossible for anyone to give any form of excuse not to work out.

Find out what they do for a living, whether they have a family and if possible what job they do. You may find some of your followers work night shifts and need a quick routine in the morning that doesn’t inflict on their sleep. Try to find something that suits everyone, every lifestyle and every body type. Switch up your content, don’t just focus on diets or becoming slim, try to touch on becoming strong, how to improve posture or even how working out can improve your overall well-being. If your following can find a way that you can help them on a personal level, they are more than likely going to be interested in your products.


Use Success Stories

Testimonials are one of the most beneficial pieces of content that you can use on both your Aflete Product Page and on your social media channels. Everyone always loves to see a success story and see how easy they maintained their training and eating regime to create their desired results.

Having success stories from your clients can also help to engage a further following. Many of your clients will ask their family and friends to head over to your Facebook or Instagram, where they may like or share the post with their friends and family. Make sure the post shows off your best work and describe how exactly your fitness and lifestyle regime worked for them. Add in how you worked around their busy schedule, how they could maintain short exercises at home and provided recipes that all of their family and friends loved! This may be enough for them to contact you straight away or begin following your accounts to find out more about your business.


Always Appear Active On Your Accounts

Usually a pet-hate of most followers is the lack of communication on your social media pages. Unfortunately social media provides a 24 hour window for everybody, so most people will expect a reply within one working day.

If a follower is publicly asking on a post how you can help them, make sure you address their query. Your followers will feel appreciated, especially when you are offering advice on how you can help them achieve their goals.

Also try to begin your posts by asking your followers what they want, and then adapt and tailor your services. You could start by asking ‘What do you want from your personal trainer?’ After receiving a few responses, you could then upload a post a few days later on how you promote these opportunities within your fitness and lifestyle regimes.

Always provide a call to action with every post, whether that is a link to your Aflete Profile Page or contact telephone number. Make sure it is easy for your potential clients to find out how they can contact you!

Transitioning to the new digital changes can be challenging, but it is a great way to help turn your followers into clients. The aim is to make sure you get involved with your followers, ignite conversation and find out exactly what they want. Then tailor your products or programs for your followers. Once you have a product you can create competitions that add a little fun and competitiveness between your followers. Soon you will find a whole new clientele that has purely come from your social media pages.

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