How to use Bitly links to track your campaigns

As an online personal trainer, one of your biggest challenges is getting traffic to your Product Page. So you need to be constantly testing ways to drive traffic to your product pages form as many different sources as possible to work out, which source of traffic or Call To Action works best.

For example, if your Instagram link gets 50 clicks in 1 month and your Twitter link gets 300, it’s clear that your Twitter audience is more interested in your plan than Instagram. In this situation, you could decide to put all of your focus into Twitter, or spend time improving your engagement on Instagram.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using (link). Bitly allows you shorten URL’s, but it also tracks key stats such as how many clicks the URL gets. So at the end of each day or month, you can see how many times each link was clicked on allowing you to clearly understand which link has got the most clicks and people to your product page.  

Constantly testing and measuring the results is a key part of understanding if or how well your marketing funnel (link) is working. Below we will show you how easy it is to build a trackable link step-by-step.

Getting started with

It’s possible to shorten links without signing up but in order to track your stats, you need to make an account. You can sign up and get started straight away, below we it only takes a couple of minutes.

For this example we will walk you though adding a trackable link to to your Instagram bio.

Let’s assume you have an offer on one of your training plans and want to send traffic to your Aflete Product Page to drive sales. Normally you can simply add the link to your Product Page, to the link in your Instagram bio, instead of pasting your Aflete product page URL into your Instagram bio, we will use a trackable link.

1. To sign up, head over to, and create an account (it’s completely free).
2. When you have signed up, you will be taken to your dashboard, which should look like this:bitly

3. Click on ‘Create Link’ at the top right
4. Paste the URL’s for your Product Page in the box


The link will be shortened automatically. The link that has been generated probably ends in something like ‘2bEwLiW’. You can change this to make it look nicer and easier to read.



To do this go to the ‘Customize’ box.

Artboard 1 Copy-min

Change the characters to something that would make sense for someone who is going to click it. Also, make a note of the link and which campaign it is part of so you will be able to tell where it is posted when you have multiple campaigns set up.

Artboard 1 Copy 2-min

Press ‘Save’ to finish creating your trackable link.  

Now it will appear in a list of all the links you have created like this:

Artboard 1 Copy 3-min

Once your link starts to get clicks, you will be able to track important stats. For each link, you can find out how many clicks your link got day by day.You can also see where the traffic came from, and the location of the person who clicked your link.

Artboard 1 Copy 4-min

Once you have been able to collect some data over a few days you can use the information to optimise your marketing efforts. From working out which social networks work best for you to which specific ads drove the most traffic. You can also review other parts of your funnel, for example, if you are based in the UK but  80% of your clicks come from the US. You could consider changing your prices to display in dollars to appeal more to your visitors.

Artboard 1 Copy 5-min

From now on, make sure you add tracking links each time you set up a promotion or paste a link anywhere online so going forward you can be sure of which sources of traffic have given you the best results.

Having this information allows you to save time and start to build up an idea of which types of sources provide the most visitors for you. Is your best source Twitter? Facebook posts? A link in your Instagram Bio? A link in a particular Facebook group?

Once you’ve started to drive traffic, you might want to make sure you’ve got the rest of your Marketing Funnel in place to make sure you aren’t missing out on sales. To learn more about creating a funnel and how it will improve your sales, click here: Personal Trainer Marketing Funnel

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