Before he became The Body Coach, a highly successful online personal trainer, he was just Joe Wicks, a self-employed personal trainer in Surbiton, south-west London.

The son of a roofer and a social worker, he grew up on a council estate and studied Sports Science at University. Joe’s goal was to become a PE Teacher and was mostly running boot camps in different parks and doing 1-1 sessions with clients.

“In the first year of him becoming an online trainer (2015) he generated £600,000 by selling custom fitness plans to people online.”

His plan costs £147 is a tailored training and diet plan, with meals and regimes chosen according to each client’s size and calorific needs. The Body Coach follows the progress of his clients and sends motivational emails when needed.

It works great for him because it is still a very personal way of dealing with clients, but requires a fraction of the contact time a one-on-one trainer would offer, and the information can easily be shared online.


The Body Coach didn’t stop there. This year he is projected to do £12 Million in sales (that’s just through fitness plans not endorsements), that’s more than most brands make generally

Due to him helping over 50,000 people become healthier he is now sponsored by brands that follow the same ethos as him.

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How he started

In early 2014, He started off with sharing posts on Twitter and Instagram. “I posted about 20,000 before I even made a pound from social media.” “When you’re just tweeting and you don’t have any followers, you’re basically just talking to yourself. I was doing it because I liked it, not to make money.”

By the end of 2014 he had 42,000 followers on Instagram, which he grew to 455K in 2015 and now stands at 2016. You cant dismiss the importance of growing your visibility and traffic online to generate sales. This growth corresponds with his sales growth along with the brand being known.

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How did he do it

First and foremast he was quick to recognise the power of being online.

With companies such as Ebay, Airbnb & Uber showing us that traditional businesses can be overhauled and changed online he saw that opportunity of applying this to fitness and personal training.

Most personal trainers are under the impression that online training is not “as effective” and “not real personal training” which is the wrong mindset.

This is due to personal trainers not seeing it from the people’s perspective. Most people just want to be healthy and fit. Is that means buying a custom fitness plan online and getting support online, people are still happy as they can achieve results they wish.

Secondly maximum amount of clients a personal trainer can have in person is 30. Online training is another avenue to grow your personal training business. It is not a replacement.

By going online you can also take your PT business to the next level.

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Kept posting on social media

The use of social media has been documented in detail so much, but yet only a few manage to truly use it for business.

Where Body Coach succeeded was he threw his ego out the window. Most people are too concerned with likes, followers etc. He focused more on adding content which is actually useful for free and regularly (6+ a day).

‘Doing it non-stop, every day, when no one cares, no one listens and no one’s liking it, you have to push through those times because your following will grow if you are continually hard-working and and showing enthusiasm for what you’re doing.’

“It’s super cliché but I’ve come out of nowhere and now one year later I’ve got 40 staff. When I first put my videos up on Instagram, nobody was listening. All the growth has been organic up until recently when I It was just about passion, not making money. I think if you’re not doing it for the right reasons, then you will give up. It’s taken so much constant work to build up that trust. And I have. It’s become a movement for people. The product works, you see the testimonials, and you see the impact it has on people’s lives.”

Knew exactly who is customer is (everyone is not your client)

Most personal trainers think that everyone is their potential client which is a fundamental problem when running your own business.

If you look carefully The Body Coach knew who is potential clients are as all his videos, social media posts and workout plan are consistent.

He aimed at women who are new to fitness and need direction. He then crafted a fitness plan that fits this well giving them recipes to have and HIIT workouts to burn fat.

Did you notice how we doesn’t promote posts that don’t fit with this ethos? This is crucial when trying to attract clients and is a significant reason or his success.

Had a plan to re-direct people to

If you have some social media followers, in today’s market most people are happy being paid to endorse a product which pays around £100/$150 a post. Even though that can help make some easy money, it will not build you a business.

If you want to build a business that generates thousands each month you need a product.

This is where The Body Coach excelled. He noticed that to start generating revenue he needs a product and created SSS fitness plan.

He then started to redirect people from all his social media followers to his plan. This was smart as his product was directly in line with him, his social media posts and his background.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and build a business that can change your lifestyle then taking control in your own hands and starting your online personal training businesses can help you get there.

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