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We are proud to announce that we have been working with Bailey, who is behind the fantastic blog The Bean Habit, to create a brand new eBook called Food With a Purpose. Read to find out more her views on health, fitness and blogging!
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What made you get into healthy eating/cooking or were you always brought up with foods like that?

I was brought up eating well rounded and nutritious meals every day. My mom always made sure we had a protein, vegetable and a starch on our plate and most nights a salad as well. However my real interest into the health food world was when I went to New York City to visit with my aunt who owns an online health food store and blog. She brought me to so many wonderful places that really opened my eyes and sparked my interested into changing the way I looked at food and using it for a purpose. Along with that my boyfriend was professional athlete and worked regularly with a nutritionist. I had access to so much information it was hard not to change the way I looked at food.

 Where did your passion for food derive from and what drove you to blog about it?

My passion for food derived from my obsession with usefulness. Once I started doing my research and learning about what different foods provided for you nutritionally, I was hooked. Out went the processed empty calories and in came the nutritionally packed superfoods. When I was younger and dancing competitively you come home from a 4 hour workout and just eat because you’re starving and it doesn’t matter what you eat because you are going to burn it all off. Once I became a busy adult I was more interested in what my food was going to do for me in terms of brain power and performance. My friends are the ones who told me to start blogging because I would develop these yummy recipes and either drop them off or bring them with me places to see if anyone else liked them or it was just me haha.
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What is your inspiration behind your recipes for The Bean Habit? Do you simply think up combinations of the top of your head or adapt/alter existing ones?

It is a little bit of both! Honestly most recipe inspiration comes from me standing in front of the fridge starving and seeing what I could make with what groceries I have. A lot of my inspiration also comes from being out at restaurants or grocery stores and seeing something and then going home to try and make my own version of it.

What do you love and enjoy most about being a health food blogger?

The part I love the most is when I get feedback from followers who are making my recipes at home and enjoying it. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that. In my family making food for someone is showing love and most often I am not cooking for myself. Usually it is for my family and friends and it gives me a good reason to stop by and see someone I haven’t in a while if i have made some treats!

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What advice do you give to others wanting to pursue a lifestyle living and eating healthily?

My advice is to try and stay away from processed foods, eating whole foods will help you reap the most benefits from what you are eating. However, enjoy the ride and don’t beat yourself up every time you give in to your cravings- you are human!

 Which recipes on The Bean Habit are your absolute favourite?

Breakfast is my favouite, so anything breakfast related! And the energy bites are always a crowd pleaser, I can never keep a batch around for more than a day or two because I always send some to my friends and everyone in my house eats the rest of them.
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