Tana Cogan is a successful, certified health expert and is here to help you train and learn her amazing secrets about how she got her physique. She is now sharing this with the whole world and has 1.5m followers on her Instagram profile.

Her username is tanaashleee. You can see her posts there, where she is now selling her workout training plans.

Tana represents her self in a positive manner. She is a role model, known to be strong, powerful and inspiring, but what makes her stand out from the rest?

In this article we will share the techniques that she uses and show you how you can use them to build your own business.

Be a leader

Be confident, share your fitness videos and guides so people can learn from you as they value your advice only if you are showcasing this through social networks.

Gain the respect of your followers

Your clients or even potential clients use your social networks effectively. They do not expect to see your drunken behaviour. Making sacrifices is important.

You would hear Tana interviews stating that she takes her friends to the gym or her partner is her sort of fun.

Build trust with potential clients

You have to show people why they should trust your advice when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Whereas Tana is always saying she is always learning and being educated in things she does not know, she wants to expand her knowledge and share it with everyone.

Don’t post generic content

People who know about fitness and have the knowledge do not state common gym myths. Tana keeps away from that and encourages importance for women to lift weights.

Tana only promotes products that she believes in strongly and knows her followers will gain value from.

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Why are online plans working so well for Tana?

  • Tana has so much knowledge and experience because she has an amazing physique that she has worked extremely hard for. Her plans are targeted for girls because she faced a lot people criticising her for looking like a bodybuilder. Tana’s inspiration is Arnold, who she looks up to to stay motivated. She knows that there is nothing wrong with women looking like bodybuilders which is why she created The Booty Builder.
  • Tana shares her clients results on her social networks. She shows her followers than her guides do work if you follow her advice.
  • Tana has given potential clients different levels of membership and plans with different prices. They are specific to each client, which helps to maximise their results.

Major tip is connect with people over the world sharing your story, Tana stands up to people who body shame and inspires people to be confident just by posting this publicly.

Goals Achieved

Tana has achieved one of her goals was to get her first house and did this by the age of 25. Her major source of income that helped her to achieve this is through selling online plans!

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