At Aflete we love switching things up and getting out of the gym to exercise in different places. Now, with longer days and warmer weather, it might be the perfect time to change your routine. Summer is fast upon us so why not swap the gym for the pool and  show off your beach body the next time you want to get a workout in? There are a huge variety of exercises and water sports that you can use to get a great fat burning workout with, but which exercise is best?

Read on for the surprising results.

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Who would have expected that plain old swimming is actually the most effective water sport of all, burning anywhere from 500 calories (side stroke) to a whopping  986 calories (butterfly) per hour, depending on the stroke you use.

If you need a little more excitement than what swimming provides then your next best option is water polo for 660 calories burned per hour.

What might be even more important though is the fact that exercising in the water, particularly with friends, is a great way to keep your exercise fresh and exciting so give it a go this summer.

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