At Aflete we love our smoothies. A quality blender is an investment that we wholeheartedly advocate, even if you only use it to add a banana to your usual protein shake – at least that is one extra portion of fruit added to your day. In all seriousness smoothies are an excellent way for your body to absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently, because all of the fibrous fruit and vegetables have already been broken down, ready for digestion. The perfect smoothie contains a few key components – a liquid, a thickener, a frozen treat, fruit/vegetables and protein. In the blog post we want you to think about ramping your classic smoothie up a gear with some extra superfood smoothie add-ins.

chia seeds smoothie add-in

1. Chia Seeds

These little seeds work well as a smoothie add-in thickener if you don’t fancy adding more banana or avocado in. Just add a tablespoon of chia seeds and let your smoothie stand for ten minutes to half an hour, until they have expanded. Full of omega 3 acids, protein and fibre, chia seeds will turn your smoothies into a powerhouse of nutrients.



2. Kale

We all love spinach in smoothies, but if you are feeling brave enough then why not reach for the kale next time? Although the taste and texture is a little more noticeable if you have a less high powered blender, raw kale definitely delivers on health benefits so getting used to it is worth it!

maca powder

3. Maca Powder

Maca is a Peruvian root that is usually found in powdered form for your smoothie convenience. The vitamin count in one serving is through the roof, and it has also been shown to boost libido, which is never a bad thing. Maca is also great for you gym bunnies because of its endurance increasing properties.

cocoa powder smoothie add-ins

4. Cacao Powder

Healthy chocolate smoothie anyone? Cacao powder, the raw version of cocoa powder, is a rich, dark, healthy way to have a chocolate milkshake in the morning. The powder is quite bitter, but added to a fruit like banana you are left with a whole host of antioxidants and that Cadbury taste (almost).


5. Spirulina

When you find out that spirulina is a form of algae that grows on the surface of ponds it puts you off instantly. However we like to think that if it sounds that gross and people still eat it then it must be incredibly healthy. And it is! High in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and more, spirulina is an awesome super smoothie add-in.

lucuma powder

6. Lucuma Powder

Another export from Peru, Lucuma is the perfect way to add nutritious sweetness to your smoothie. The Peruvians have long used the lucuma fruit for its medicinal properties and anti-ageing/anti-inflammatory properties. It is nutrient rich and a delicious addition to your smoothie.

bee pollen

7. Bee Pollen

Ever suffered from allergies? Bee Pollen is great for helping with that because it reduces the presence of histamine. They are also great for an energy boost and can improve your skin health too. They are really tasty too, with a fun texture that will make your smoothies just a little bit more interesting.

hemp seeds

8. Hemp seeds

Similarly to flax seeds, hemp seeds contain all nine of the essential amino acids, which is great news for you body’s immune system. They are also high in protein and much more digestible than animal protein. They have a mildly nutty taste which is great if you want to tone down some of the sweetness from mangoes or bananas and can be one the tastiest super smoothie add-ins.


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