Getting healthy and fit doesn’t mean starving yourself or eating less than you usually do. Aflete firmly believe that the journey to reach your goals includes eating great food, healthy food, and exercising well. Charlotte, also known as fitcharliebbg on Instagram, found this out when she began her journey to get healthier! Through self studying, Charlotte discovered what her body needed and what her body wanted. She worked hard to combine both these things to create healthy recipes that not only taste good but help her on her journey.

Enjoy her interview!

Hi Charlotte – Can you tell everyone a bit about yourself ?

My name is Charlotte, I’m 20 years old. I was born in France but I live in Florida now to study. I started my fitness journey in December 2014 and never regretted it!

What’s your background?

A few years ago, I wanted to be skinny but I didn’t know how so, I became obsessed with it and I almost didn’t eat anything. I did lose some weight and I got skinny but I was feeling terrible, always hungry, dehydrated and so so tired. One day I realized I couldn’t live like this forever and decided to do some research on fitness and nutrition and I learned so much more than I thought I would! That’s when I decided to change my lifestyle to have the body I wanted while being healthy at the same time!

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You have some delicious meals on your Instagram! How did you learn about making healthy meals?

I learned by myself mostly. Well after discovering what foods were good and healthy for my body, I started coming up with my own recipes. I firmly believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring so I’ve become really passionate with creating my own healthy meals.

How do you know what to eat and why?

I know my body needs nutrients to function properly, I know my body needs calories, and I know how to give my body what it needs through healthy foods, that means avoiding processed foods and eating mostly grains, proteins, fruits and veggies.

What are some of your favourite foods?

I love a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast! Topped with fresh fruits and it’s even better! I’m also a big fan of salmon and mahi mani usually with quinoa, broccoli or brown rice.

stay fit, fitness, lean, fitgirl, fitness motivation

Where do you look for inspiration?

Instagram, I love all the amazing ideas you can find and also the amazing accounts about food and fitness, they really keep me motivated and that’s what I’d like to accomplish too with mine.

What’s an average day like for you in terms of your meals?

I usually have breakfast at 8am and I either have a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruits or 2 eggs on rye toast with avocado. Then at 11am I have 1 cup of carrots and celery. At 1:30pm I have a wholemeal wrap with chicken, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and a little bit of feta. At 4:30 pm I have 1 banana with 1 tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter. At 7:30pm I have salmon or mahi mahi with 1/2 cup of quinoa or brown rice and broccoli. If I’m hungry I’ll have a protein bar or a protein shake at 9pm.

What is BBG all about?

BBG stands for bikini body guide. It’s a 12 week program to get you fitter, stronger and healthier. You have 3 resistance training session per week, 3 LISS (low intensity steady state) which consist of walking for 40 minutes at 3.9 miles and you have a rest day.

stay fit, fitness, lean, fitgirl, fitness motivation

What type of workouts do you do at home or in the gym?

I only do the workouts from BBG. I do them both at home and at the gym when I can.

What tips would you give others who are trying to be healthier?

I would say to be patient and never give up. It’s hard to change your lifestyle but it’s worth it
and you’re going to want to give up many times but remember why you started in the first place! Getting healthier will only bring you positive things in your life!!

stay fit, fitness, lean, fitgirl, fitness motivation

What do you think of our app Aflete?

I discovered it recently, but I love it! It’s so handy, and it’s actually the first app I have about food and fitness! Also to know more about Charlie, you can find some of her great recipes on her website –

Thanks so much to Charlotte for speaking to us! What an inspirational young woman! We cant wait to bring some of her recipes to our #afletefam



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