Here are some of the top tips and techniques in order to maximise your online sales. Follow these really simple guidelines and sit back and watch your online training success grow!


Update your social media bio’s to include the link of where potential clients/customers can access your online product.

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Post about your online product on your social media platforms, use a strong and direct call to action. – Post frequently about your product to make your audience aware of it, but don’t post too much that it becomes spam! (Find the right balance)

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become a seller


Ensure content you push out your product is captivating and visually pleasing to really engage your audience.

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If you have a blog page, design a banner to header your page about your online product and enable to redirect anyone who clicks, to where they can purchase your product.



Share little previews of your content that is useful! For example: if you have a video workout plan, push out snippets of the workouts on your social media and caption it explaining what it is and where they can find the full product.

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These are just some of the ways you can increase your sales online. After you have finished completing your profile and adding your product on the Aflete dashboard, start following some of these to start making sales.

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