Whether you’re new to the gym floor or you have been in the industry for years, chances are that you’re never going to be the only qualified personal trainer in your area. So when there are multiple personal trainers all saying they can deliver the same results to potential clients, how can you stand out as a personal trainer and be the trainer that they choose?


Follow our 5 easy steps to stand out as a personal trainer


1. Find your place in the market and use this as your specific selling point.

If you specialise in or have a passion for a certain area of health and fitness, use this to your advantage.

Do you prefer one on one training with a client or do you love running group sessions?

Do you relate well with older or younger clients?

Do you have extensive knowledge of working around injuries?

Whatever your strength is, work with it rather than jumping on whatever health and fitness fad is currently popular. You can stand out as a personal trainer by having an area of expertise that sets you apart from your competition.

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2. Go the extra mile.

Once you have established your target market (the members of the gym that you work in or the types of people in your local area), find out what types of training and help they would like, that is not already available to them. And then find a way to offer it. For example, a high percentage of people you will encounter as a personal trainer will want help with general weight loss.

Stand out as a personal trainer by ensuring you go the extra mile.

Think helping clients with their shopping lists, giving them quick and easy (but healthy) meal ideas for them and their families, offering to do sessions from home when they can’t find anybody to babysit their children – any additional service that will help people overcome the everyday barriers that have stopped them from achieving their goals on their own.

3. Practice what you preach.

As shallow as it may sound, it is likely that when someone is choosing a personal trainer for the first time they will go for their image over their credentials. You can have dozens of great testimonials or reviews and numerous qualifications, but if you don’t practice what you preach how are you going to really stand out as a personal trainer? Will clients take the advice you’re giving out seriously, if you don’t follow it yourself? This means being seen working out, actively eating healthily and looking after your own health.

You are your own advertisement – be a role model.

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4. Under promise, yet over deliver.

Do not big yourself up to potential clients if there is a chance that you cannot deliver!

A potential client may want to lose 50% of their body weight in 6 months, despite never stepping foot in a gym before, but don’t promise her this achievable just to get her in the door (and the £££ in your pocket!).

Stand out as a personal trainer by sitting down with each client that you gain and create realistic goals together. Realistic goals that you are guaranteed to come through on.

Positive word of mouth will get you a long way in this industry, therefore if you deliver above and beyond with one client, they will tell their friends and family. Who will go on to tell their friends and family. Which leads to more potential clients and a more successful career.

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5. Keep learning.

The health and fitness industry is always evolving and you need to keep up with it. Read books and articles, go on courses that certify yourself in different training methods or in the use of new pieces of equipment, go to seminars and events to meet new people in the industry.

It’s easy to think you know everything there is about training somebody and that you don’t need to learn anything more, but this will never be the case.

Learning something new allows you to continue to deliver to clients; keeping sessions exciting and keeping clients interested.

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