In today’s day and age, almost everybody uses social media. Whatever question you have or whatever service you need, in a few clicks of a button you will have your what you want. This is why social media for personal trainers can be so successful.

We help personal trainers run their online businesses and have noticed what the most successful online trainers do differently to others.

Here, we answer the most common questions regarding social media for personal trainers and explain how it can make you more successful.


Social Media for Personal Trainers

Who, What, Which, When & How


WHY should I use social media as a personal trainer?

Personal training is about providing expertise, building relationships and giving support and confidence your clients. However, it is also about building a business. Social media is something that almost all people are present on, and without really realising it, will spend multiple hours of their day scrolling through. Having a social media presence for your personal training business can promote professionalism, it can give you a platform to share tips and advice with others and help you to build a reputation as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

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HOW will using social media help my personal training business to grow?

Using social media to promote yourself and your business is a great way to get yourself noticed.

Anyone who was looking for a personal trainer could type this into a search engine and within seconds be presented with a long list of suitable options.

For more potential clients to find you and for your business to grow, you need to ensure your name is part of this list. The more people that find your business online, the more likes, shares and follows you will get. And this will help you reach even larger audiences.

Social media pages also allow you to share your contact information, for example email address, telephone number or provide a contact form for people to reach you through.

WHICH social media platforms should I choose?

There are numerous different platforms suitable for marketing your personal training business and which ones you choose are completely up to you. Choose platforms that you are familiar with and that you know how to work. Also think about which social media sites your target audience are more likely to use and which platforms are the best for which types of content.

If you are more likely to share photos of your current clients successes, try image focused sites such as Instagram. However if you want to promote more written content to your audience, a Facebook page or group may be more suitable.

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WHO will see the social media pages for my personal training business?

Who can see the social media pages you create? Anyone and everyone. That is why, if done correctly, social media for personal trainers can be such a great tool.

But remember, as your pages will be visible by almost anyone, you should always think carefully about the content you post.

WHAT should I post on my personal training social media pages?

What do you think your clients would like to see?

As a personal trainer, you should be their role model. Therefore, post things that are inspirational, exciting and make people want to work with you.

Tips, advice and previous client success stories are always a good idea. Other good ideas include healthy meal ideas and ideas for workouts.

Keep things fun!

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WHAT should I avoid posting on my social media pages?

Avoid posting anything too personal or unprofessional. This is your business after all.

Save your photos of drunken nights out and your rants about noisy neighbours for your private social media pages, and stick to posting photos, articles and status’ that are motivating, inspiring and educational.

Also avoid making your social media pages all about you. Your private pages are again for this.

WHEN should I post on my social media pages?

There is no set number of times that you should post on social media. This is completely down to you.

Give yourself a realistic goal.

Take into account how busy you are, how confident you are with social media and if social media is something you really want to push.

When you do post on your social media pages also consider the times of day in which these platforms are busiest. Posting during the day might mean that your content is missed by lot of people who are at work. Try waiting until later on in the evening, around 6pm – 9pm, when more people are online. Try to also only post when you have something worth posting – don’t post just because you think you should!

You can be really successful creating your own workout plans online and gain more clients


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