For the majority of the British public skipping ropes recall memories of school playgrounds, splintering wooden handles, unravelling ropes and a rhyme that aways ended with you marrying the snotty boy in your class. But get ready to revamp your thinking, because skipping ropes are being reclaimed by the fitness world as a portable, cost-effective way to lose weight.

Boxers have long used skipping as an intense form of cardio easily done in the large open space around a ring.

The best part about skipping is that if you can’t take the time out to go for a run, don’t have the money for a gym membership, but still need a way to get a quick workout in then you only need a rope and your back garden.

It is harder than it looks and although it may have seemed easy when you were eight years old, jump rope is not for those looking for a short-cut to fitness. It takes co-ordination and a certain level of agility to even begin and is not suitable for anyone unable to do high-impact exercise.

jump rope

In terms of losing weight, skipping at a fast pace can burn around 800 calories an hour depending on your body weight – not bad for something that costs less than a fiver.

The variety of muscles used in a skipping rope workout means you will tone your arms and torso as well as your legs – perfect for a full body session!

This workout from Fitness Magazine works your whole body in just ten minutes and incorporates a few different jump styles so that you don’t get bored. So get skipping!

Someone said after trying skipping for weightloss “There have been times when jumping rope has gotten me more winded than running. It is an excellent workout!  I say just pick a number and shoot for it. I started at 50 and just kept going until I could get to 200 (without passing out) haha.  You can also cycle through long slow jumps and super speedy jumps, but I am sure you already know that.



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