I am sure by now you have heard of Sergi Constance. Incase you haven’t, he is an online trainer with over 1.8 million followers. He also runs his own clothing brand, Aesthetix, and is global ambassador for 1UP Nutrition and sponsored by various other companies.

However he didn’t start his career like this. Just like many other trainers, he started by training clients in the gym.

He soon grew tired of the limits that training clients in person placed on his business. Between the high monthly gym fees and time constraints Sergi knew there was a way to make more money.

Sergi realised how to use online methods effectively and grew his business by focusing on his online clients.

In this article we will show you exactly how he built his online business and how you can use the same methods to grow yours too.

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How did Sergi Constance start his career and how did he become successful?

Started Small

Sergi Constance’s first ever post was on Facebook. He started out by just sharing normal posts about his day to day life, which including a lot of health and fitness related content. Soon, he noticed people started to leave a lot of positive responses on his fitness posts. His friends and followers were curious about he got his physique and many of them started asking questions and asking for advice.

Shared Content

He saw this opportunity and started sharing content (such as fitness training videos), exercise guides and nutritional advice.

Free Content

What made Sergi Constance different to the other trainers is that he was happy to teach people for free and push others through his content to achieve better results.

This helps build a good relationship and trust with followers, meaning that they will be more likely to buy from you in the future.

No Agenda

Sergi also realised that people will follow and like you if you have no agenda.

Most trainers make the mistake of getting people to pay them for content (session, plan, appearance) otherwise they will not do it.

This where he excelled as he was happy to give content out for free and go out of his way to help people which in return helped him build his own brand and made people like him even more.

This was a key factor that helped Sergi Constance growing his brand online.

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How Online Training helped Sergi Constance make millions online!

Online Training

While Sergi was building his online brand, he noticed the opportunity to actually start training clients online.

He started to sell training plans directly to people all online via email, as he noticed that he can target a lot people with not much time needed.

He had a clear goal to build his online business as he knew there was a lot more potential online rather than in person.

As he grew his online clients and business he started to earn well above six figures a year.

Expanding his business

This prompted him to build his own website from where he can sell his online training plans.

Sergi sells plans for a reasonable price, just $9.99 per month. With 1.8m followers you would assume that he would charge a lot more, but once again he knows that by putting out free content and not charging much a month it leads to people liking him, trusting him and eventually becoming a client.

The lesson to learn for personal trainers here is to be smart about how you want to attract clients and how much you want to charge them. Charging $50 an hour is not always the smartest thing to do.

Remain humble and learn from your weaknesses

Even though Sergi is one the most well known celebrities in the fitness industry, he still continuously puts out free content, replies to his followers on social media and is happy to attend event and genuinely help people.

If you watch his interviews it is clear that he likes learning from others, discusses his weaknesses which makes him more human and relatable, again which leads to him getting more online clients and growing his business event more.

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Key points learnt from Sergi Constance

1. Be humble and let your ego go.

2. Be prepared to put out content for free, work with people for free, collaborate on projects as it will only help you grow.

3. Don’t charge excessive amounts for training sessions, workouts plans etc. As much as it might hurt your ego that “I should be charging a lot as i have so much experience blah blah” the point is all trainers think that and that is why your client base and personal training business in general is not growing as much as it should be.

4. Start training clients online as that what the fitness industry and the people are now doing. You are missing the opportunity by only training clients in the gym. Sergi Constance was just a normal trainer but he believed he could be more and was able to actually carry it out

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