There are a number of different products you can sell on Aflete. This guide will take you through the different types and how to start selling them.


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You can sell any health & fitness e-books you want to, such as recipes, workouts, help guides, nutrition information etc. When choosing to sell through Aflete you have the choice to pick your own price, name, description, images etc. To add a product, simply follow these steps:

1- Click Add Product Button in your dashboard

2- Select E-Book, Videos or Custom Training Plans.

3- Add the name, description, cover image and price

4- Attach the actual e-book in PDF Format

5- Press Submit

Once you have added your product it will be reviewed by one of the team members to ensure everything is okay.

You can view, edit and delete your products by clicking products on the left menu.

Once approved your product will be now live and you can share the link on your social media and start promoting it.

Your product will also be available on Aflete.


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