At Aflete we want you to know that choosing to be healthy and fit doesn’t mean you have to be miserable and give up everything you ever liked eating. Instead we think you just need a little help in finding the right ways to make your treats fit your training regime. If that sounds like you then we have some really exciting news for you! The Protein Chef has created an e-book full of delicious protein bar recipes that will perfectly complement those of you looking to gain muscle and lose some excess fat. So many of the protein bars you can buy from supermarkets these days contain excess ingredients and are expensive to buy. So why not make your own at home and keep a stash for whenever you need it?

This e-book is on sale NOW on the Aflete store. What is the Aflete store? It’s our marketplace dedicated to e-books for those of you looking to get fit and healthy – we have some amazing recipe e-books and fitness guides from specialists all over the world designed specially for our awesome Aflete community.

Get your copy of the Protein Chef’s guide and be prepared to change how you think about your favourite naughty treats.

Heather, the mastermind behind Protein Chef has worked really hard to make sure that the protein bar recipes in her e-book are deliciously tasty, easy to make and full of the nutrients that will best support your fitness regime. Keep a watch on her blog for more of the same amazing stuff!




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