Some days it feels like all we see on social media are stacks of pancakes piled high, dripping with maple syrup and chocolate sauce, berries strewn photogenically nearby. Is it breakfast? It is dessert? Are these people just abandoning healthy eating and having dessert for breakfast? Or maybe their secret lies in the way their pancakes are made. Add protein, subtract sugar, multiply antioxidants and you get a stack of warm, fluffy superfood goodness to confuse your followers with. There are a lot of protein pancakes out there laden with chocolate and peanut butter so we have rounded up a few of the lesser well known heroes of the protein pancake world so you can mix and match and have dessert for breakfast every day of the week.

1. Gluten Free Protein Packed Quinoa Flour Banana Pancakes

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There are eight words in the title of this recipe and every one of them shouts EAT ME. I’m sure you have tried quinoa before (if you haven’t then where have you been?) but do you know about quinoa flour? Gluten free and incredibly versatile it is the secret ingredient that makes these pancakes fluffy and nutritious instead of heavy and fattening.

  • 10g of protein per serving means a stack of these will fill you up for hours and if you take AmbitiousKitchen’s suggestion of serving them covered in your favourite nut butter alongside a fried egg you can bump that up to 15g. Find the recipe here. Photo credit: AmbitiousKitchen

2. Green Tea Protein Pancakes

healthy, healthy recipes, recipes, delicious, food, clean eating

So everyone drinks green smoothies and juices now and that’s the norm. This is the next big thing! Green pancakes loaded with matcha green tea and some hemp protein powder give a classic recipe a delicious twist. Matcha comes in powdered form and consists of

  • pure green tea that you can add to almost anything, boasting ten times the amount of antioxidants that are found in normal green tea and doing wonders for the metabolism. Using them in this recipe gives protein pancakes an extra boost to the 8g of protein already in there. Have a look at EatGood4Life’s blog post herePhoto credit: EatGood4Life

3. Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes

healthy, healthy recipes, recipes, delicious, food, clean eating

This is a recipe for those Autumn days when pumpkin is everywhere and warming spices like cinnamon are an absolute must. There are a few choice ingredients in this tall stack of protein including extra egg whites and oats to give a nutritional profile definitely worthy of a taste. Because these pancakes use stevia as a sweetener they are able to pack in

  • 14g of protein per four pancakes for only 108 calories! Yes we had to read that twice too. I suppose that means you can drench them in maple syrup and not feel guilty: win win! Find the recipe on the DashingDish blog here. Photo credit: DashingDish

4. Cinnamon Whole Grain Power Pancakes

healthy, healthy recipes, recipes, delicious, food, clean eating

Remember what I said about photogenic berries strewn nearby? These have ‘power’ in the name and are on a mission to provide you with energy for your morning workout. This stack has

  • half a cup of rolled oats in them to give a more interesting texture and an important hit of fiber. These are a great option for protein pancakes without added protein powder since the nutritional benefit in them comes from cottage cheese and extra egg whites.
  • Stacking them up with fruit, nut butter and chia seeds like PinchOfYum does is a great idea, both for your body and your Nomnom photos. The recipe can be found on their blog here. Photo credit: PinchOfYum

5. Chocolate Chip Espresso Pancakes

healthy, healthy recipes, recipes, delicious, food, clean eating

Ok so we couldn’t resist including a little bit of chocolate in this post, just because Lexi’sCleanKitchen has created these beauties. It makes perfect sense for breakfast –

  • get your coffee fix into your pancakes and kill two birds with one stone! These are both gluten free and dairy free, perfect for clean eaters looking to add protein to their morning through something other than a typical shake. In terms of stackability these definitely look like the best so why not have a go, take a photo of your highest stack and share it on Nomnom so that we can see. Find the recipe here. Photo credit: Lexi’sCleanKitchen

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